Instant Updates with Globaledit + Slack

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Today, teams run almost all communication through Slack, whether it’s a quick update, link to a file, or a simple thumbs up. It’s one of our main channels here at Globaledit too! 

With creative teams using Globaledit for their content production workflow, and Slack for daily communication, it was a no-brainer for us to build an out-of-the-box integration between the two platforms – bringing Globaledit WIP comments, status updates, and next steps directly to the platform our users use to communicate about everything else.

When designing the logic for the integration, we focused on a few core points of value.

Seamless Integration

Creative teams have distinct communication styles, but Slack often serves as a central hub. While Globaledit has always offered collaboration and notification features via browser and email, switching between tools is one of those micro-instances that can be cumbersome. Our goal was to reduce context-switching by delivering Globaledit notifications directly to Slack.

Real-Time Notifications

With the Slack integration, users get instant notifications about their assets in Globaledit – whether it’s a new @mention, approval request, project comment, or collection invitation, within Slack and can customize their preferences to align with their priorities.

Attention to Detail

Globaledit’s Slack notifications do more than just alert you. They include the full comment text and link your Globaledit and Slack accounts, allowing responses in either platform. Notifications also link directly to the relevant asset or collection, saving navigation time and duplicate entry points.

Enhanced Collaboration

The Slack integration enables your team to collaborate more effectively, make quicker decisions, and keep projects moving smoothly. For example, a creative director can share a collection with a retoucher, who receives an instant Slack notification. The retoucher can then make comments to other stakeholders, who will be promptly notified. This thread happens rapidly and seamlessly, ensuring swift project progression and efficient communication.

Contact your account manager to easily add Slack to your Globaledit plan!