Globaledit Introduces Creative Workflow Features Focused on Automation

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Customers can now integrate their entire technical stack to create workflow automation recipes saving time and money on their creative workflow.

Globaledit the leader in Creative Workflow Management solutions, is disrupting how creative teams produce and distribute content. Globaledit already solves the challenges in producing high quality visual assets at scale all from the cloud. In 2020 globaledit launched its cloud based Digital Asset Management platform & took big steps into solving Project Management for Creatives & Marketers focused on producing visual Assets.

Now, the company is providing a way for Creative and Marketing teams to automate essential steps throughout the entire creative & marketing workflow. Globaledit is introducing its Marketplace and, Custom Integrations and Workflow Automation Recipes to optimize your workflow through the complete lifecycle of an asset, ingest to distribution.

According to analysis done by globaledit on its enterprise and mid-market clients there is a need for automation to solve the pressures of today’s demand. 50% of all users have expressed interest in the ability to simplify workflows & to focus more time on critical objectives. Globaledit strives to provide clients with a Digital Asset Management platform that optimizes their creative workflow. Now, with this release, globaledit has taken the vast feature set it already offers, and has created workflow recipes and integrations to aid any organization in creating an optimized workflow.

Globaledit’s Marketplace will allow organizations to choose from hundreds of the most popular apps that will natively integrate with globaledit. Organizations can choose what part of their creative or marketing process they want or need to automate and curate integrations accordingly. Integrations can be pre-built with workflow automation recipes or have custom triggers and actions. Globaledit’s team will integrate these apps for your organization so there is no extra development work on the client’s behalf. Organizations can choose from apps across the entire creative ecosystem. including project management, product such as Slack, Marketo, Adobe, Asana, MailChimp, and many more. 

Globaledit will now also offer access to APIs (Application Programming Interface) that allow for proprietary programs to communicate with one another as well as with globaledit. APIs will allow developers to quickly and easily integrate with a Project Management System, a Content Management System, an Email Automation System, a Digital Asset Management system or any other system an organization needs for their creative workflow. 

Globaledit’s Workflow Automation Recipes will allow users to create workflows based on their own business logic. Each step of production your creative team takes can be mapped out based on pre-written automations that will make your workflow more efficient. Our workflow automation recipes automate bottlenecks within your production processes and demonstrate how your entire technology stack can communicate with each other.

Globaledit will also be releases new iteration of existing features: 

Sync 2.0

The upcoming iteration of globaledit’s Sync tool will now allow users to automatically sync new versions of an asset, upload attachments, and setup the application to self update with new versions.

Metadata Search

This updated feature set will allow users to search for assets via metadata with expandable search terms, faster results, and asset recommendations.

About globaledit

Globaledit is the leading cloud-based SaaS application leveraged by brands, agencies and studios to manage high volume photo & video content creation and delivery. As a Creative Asset Management solution, globaledit solves for asset management, collaboration and workflow within one tool. Assets move from the point of capture, editing, retouching, approvals and distribution seamlessly, thereby reducing production costs and improving time to market.

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