Announcing: The globaledit integration with Adobe Photoshop

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Photoshop And Global Edit Collaboration

Globaledit, the leader in Creative Workflow Management solutions announces a new, comprehensive integration with Adobe Photoshop to allow for a more seamless creative workflow experience. 

The globaledit integration with  Photoshop allows users to manage creative projects, scale output and collaborate without leaving Photoshop. This integration revolutionizes the way creatives manage digital assets in crucial post production steps.

Users will be able to streamline communication with peers, manage tasks by project priority, access markup layers, comments and other notes, update project statuses,  receive notifications when you have new work to complete, manage versions in real time, and focus on creativity without switching between tools. 

Users will also be able to save versions of their creative from Photoshop to globaledit and load markup layers, without leaving their workflow management tool.

The integration with Photoshop is part of globaledit’s focus on its workflow automation and creative ecosystem, one of several tailored solutions for the core users of globaledit. 

For more information on how to get started, check out this quick guide to the plugin.