Enterprise Digital Asset Management

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Enterprise life – the fast-paced, go get ‘em, “sell, sell, sell” atmosphere is almost palpable even from this side of the screen. So we know, the last thing you need in an enterprise-level business is a lack of efficiency. Time is money … but you already know that. 

So how do you save time when it comes to the creation and distribution of digital assets? The answer is enterprise digital asset management. 

What is enterprise digital asset management?

Enterprise DAM is a SaaS tool that makes efficiency a reality. It allows businesses to store, share, organize and manage their digital assets with increased efficiency and ease. 

An enterprise DAM platform allows creative teams to collaborate simultaneously on digital assets, with comments and markups existing directly on assets. The creative efficiency is then transferred to real-time feedback and approvals with automated notifications. And finally extends to optimized distribution with key integrations. 

How does enterprise digital asset management software work?

When marketers, managers, and creatives are all limited to their separate divisions, workflows begin to falter. Each stakeholder waiting … for another … to complete … their leg of the journey. 

There has to be a better way of doing things, right? 

Enterprise DAM breaks down the silos that exist in digital asset creation workflows. With customized access control, each stakeholder, from photographers to retouchers to marketing managers and creative managers, stays in the loop. Real-time updates and comments, along with accurate version control, further ensures that every player knows which play the team is making. 

The benefits of Enterprise DAM

Now let’s look at the benefits a business can expect with enterprise digital asset management software:

Revolutionize your DAM communication

Emails revolutionized modern communication. We’re not arguing that fact. But emails, at their core, are simply two-way monologues. They’re a collection of opinions, arguments, and agreements from one side. And then, once inboxes have been checked and replies formulated, another monologue comes into the mix. 

Enterprise digital asset management solutions reintroduce the dialogue to asset creation workflow. 

Take the number of stakeholders working on a project and multiply that number by the time needed to provide feedback and approvals. The minutes quickly add up to hours of lost production time. With accessible comments existing in one place, communication time is minimized, while production time is maximized. 

The end to endless searches

One of the wonders of working within an enterprise is the fact that there’s always a foundation to build on. From processes to creative achievements, enterprises rarely “go in blind” on new projects. 

When it comes to digital asset searches, cluttered storage systems can deny creatives and marketers access to that foundation. 

Staying on top of asset libraries can become a nightmare when working with numerous brands that need to retain visual consistency. The key with enterprise DAM software is the implementation of metadata that is integrated into each asset. The result is optimal storage organization of assets that are just waiting to make their mark. 

Let’s get those results rolling in

Getting assets where they can impact the market as quickly as possible is key when connecting digital assets to ROI. With automated integrations, your assets can be sent directly to your CMS platforms and Email Management systems.  

What globaledit’s enterprise SaaS solution offers

With globaledit’s enterprise digital asset management system, you get to integrate your DAM with the processes and tools (such as Adobe Creative Suite) that are already in place within your business. With a fully customizable DAM that melds effortlessly with what’s already familiar to your teams, you get to realize maximum efficiency even sooner. 

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