End To End Creative Workflow Management Software for SMBs

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Ineffective scaling and managing of creative workflows are blocking the growth of many creative SMBs.

But why is this? Because, the primary function of creative teams are to create – right? And on a daily basis, they create 100s to 1000s of creative assets.

So the effect? The more assets that are created and the more collaborators that jump onto a creative project will eventually slow the entire creative production cycle down. And often causes:

Unsecure asset storing spaces

Running out of storage

Disconnected communications

Dispersed and missing assets

Drawn out editing and approval times

Do these sound familiar? Sure, they do – that’s why you’re here reading this.

But the real and inadvertent growth blocker might just be the lack of awareness that digital asset management software is the actual key to your creative- or marketing teams’ challenges.

What is a digital asset management solution?

Digital asset management (DAM) software has become an essential tenet across creative industries that kills redundant admin tasks and accelerates the entire creative asset lifecycle – from planning to preservation.

How? It creates a centralized hub for all of your creative assets onto a single platform that brings all the collaborators to work on assets under one virtual roof.

Loosely, it can also be translated as a creative project management tool that streamlines creative workflows and accurately keeps track of creative assets.

What makes creative project management tools so important? Creative project management tools, such as the digital asset management (DAM) or its wider subset, creative asset management (CAM) –  is the crux of running effective creative workflows among teams.

Creative teams need efficient workflows to be able to produce high-quality content so that assets can reach markets ahead of schedule – and in turn, boost the ROI and brand value of the business.

How is an efficient creative workflow developed? A streamlined creative workflow is the result of an effective creative asset and workflow management system – and when all the benefits, features and integrations are fully utilized.

So, what are the benefits of creative asset management software?

Creative asset management software helps businesses to smartly manage their creative assets and alleviates the dreadful admin-snowballing effect. Here’s how it’s done:

Simply sync and navigate your creative assets

globaledit’s Sync feature automatically ingests your creative assets into a centralized platform which are easily navigated with the versioning feature – this helps to ensure that your team is working on the correct and latest version of assets.

Easily locate and share with metadata

CAM systems have clever meta-data that reduces search times by making it easy for teams to store, locate and filter through 1000s of assets at a time.

Creatively manage your projects

As we’ve already established, CAM systems have integrated project management features that help organize and manage creative workflows.

So, to better manage capacity and monitor the statuses of creative projects, you can assign specific briefs to specific team members and give authorized access to external collaborators and stakeholders.

Giving you a real-time and holistic view of all your creative projects at a glance.

Real-time reviews, edits and approvals

globaledit’s markup editing– and approval features transform the time-consuming elements within a creative workflow by creating a central line of comms and feedback among collaborators.  

Protected assets

Never leave your creative assets compromised by securely sharing your assets with selected team members, stakeholders or clients.

To further enhance the security and preempt unauthorized access or distribution, you can configure watermarks to your assets.

Contact globaledit to find out how their flexible and affordable digital asset management products can help your business effectively scale its creative workflows.