Digital Asset Management

Centralized Assets
Globaledit's Digital Asset Management solution offers unlimited customer service, intuitive functionality, an easy-to-use interface, and scalability for all of your digital content.
A single source of truth for creative assets
Choosing the right DAM comes down to ease of use and efficiency. Globaledit allows users to centralize their work and cut production time in half. Go from assets to campaign to distribution easily and securely.
  • Centralized Distribution
    Find what’s best based upon team consensus or that one special approval and move on to distribute assets quicker.
  • Boost Productivity
    When you upload or download (in bulk) take advantage of custom metadata to append any special tags you care about.
  • Top Tier Security
    With globaledit’s asset rights, you can set expiration dates, grant or deny access requests, track usage, watermark, and more.
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  1. Unlimited Customer Support
  2. Custom Onboarding
  3. Workflow Optimization
Access your content, grow your organization
Globaledit offers streamlined ingestion of your assets, automatically appends metadata allowing for advanced search where you can build collections of your favorite assets and then streamlines sharing or download.
  • Organize Assets
    Your entire organization will have one central location for all of its creative assets. Less time searching, more time producing.
  • Unlimited Scale
    Whether you're working with hundreds of creative assets, or thousands, Globaledit provides a secure location for all of them.
  • Company Customization
    Stay in full control of your brand and customize your experience to your needs with Globaledit's DAM.
“Our work-in-progress and historical assets are now centralized and available to us at all times.”
Bret Moore, Director of Print Production, New York & Company
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