understanding asset management
Streamlining Your Entire Creative Workflow.
Globaledit's Creative Asset Management
"Globaledit is at the heart of your asset ecosystem. Combining the power of both creative asset management and digital asset management, globaledit delievers an efficient and effective platform to manage your visual assets."
Beyond Digital Asset Management
  • Beyond Digital Asset Management
    Globaledit’s creative asset management is at the cusp of the Digital Asset Management’s (DAM) evolution and development.
  • Optimizing Your Workflow
    Globaledit streamlines your entire creative workflow with quick and precise reviews, ratings, markups, and approval.
  • Focused on the Lifecycle of Assets
    Globaledit is vital to both the upstream and downstream processes that facilitate the creation and the delivery of quality content campaigns.
  • A Holistic Approach
    Globaledit is a sophisticated merging of a Creative Asset Management and a Digital Management Platform creating a connected creative workflow.
asset journey
An Elevated Workflow with a Creative Asset Management
  • Meet Content Demand
    Support the high demand for creative content across all channels, brands are running at their maximum capacity and can no longer depend on simple tools, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box for creative workflows.
  • An Efficient Creative Process
    Efficiency and effectiveness at the start of the asset lifestyle is critical to overcoming this creative challenge of content demand. Enhanced efficiency downstream in the creative process greatly impacts the asset value upstream.
  • Slash Production Timelines
    Globaledit’s Creative Asset Management is with you throughout the entire asset lifecycle, creating a quicker turnaround for your content, without compromising quality.
  • All Your Assets in One Glance
    Achieve advanced organization of key visual assets. Create your own virtual playlist of visual assets, akin to your favorite songs on Spotify.
  • Collections Dashboard
    Gain a bird’s eye view over all collections of visual assets. With greater visibility, you can now organize your collections to help you work better and faster.
  • Targeted Custom Permissions
    Asset rights, permissions, and expiration of content ensure the correct content is sent to the right person safely. Targeted custom permissions are tailored to your needs.
  • One System
    With globaledit, your creative team can organize, rate/edit, and review assets faster in a modern, secure, and seamless workflow all in one system.
  • Centralization
    One system centralizes your assets. Visibility and transparency into all versions of the asset—from the original to the retouched—create one source of truth.
  • Simplification
    Simplifying your creative asset management with one system creates shorter production cycles and a reduced time-to-market for high-impact visual assets.
  • Focus on the Right Content
    Searching and locate the specific visual assets for the appropriate channel, team, or individual quickly.
  • Automate Tasks
    Automation of tasks from cataloging assets to transformations for specific applications allows for increased productivity.
  • Produce Content Faster
    Leverage image identification and metadata enrichment at each stage of the asset lifecycle.
Asset Rights
  • Provide Secure, Correct Access
    Giving asset access to the wrong person through an unreliable medium can create chaos. Route content correctly by using globaledit's asset rights.
  • Deliver Content On Time
    With globaledit's asset rights, you can set expiration dates, grant or deny access requests, track usage, watermark, and more. Prevent the use of unauthorized, expired, or inappropriate media.
  • Assignments at Every Level and Role
    Assign users at every level or role. Assignments can be made at the organization, account, or workspace level. Ensure the correct content is delivered to the proper person every time.
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