Digital Asset Management: Why Does Every Organization Need It?

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Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions help organizations store, organize, access, and distribute their creative assets, in a centralized & cloud-hosted repository. With modern creative workflows increasing in complexity, DAM solutions are near-indispensable if you want your enterprise to scale with the growth of the overall industry.

With the DAM industry set to grow to $8.1 billion by 2026, organizations need to reassess their existing systems and solutions. The industry’s accelerated shift towards remote work and automation has disrupted traditional workflows. It’s more relevant than ever to leverage the functionalities and superior benefits DAM can bring to your creative workflows.

Let’s look at how DAM can not only plug existing inefficiencies but also unlock unexplored avenues to generate value.

What does DAM do?

As organizations grow in size and take on more clients and projects, some typical challenges surface naturally — countless hours wasted on operational tasks, duplicating assets due to inefficient search systems, scattered communication & collaboration platforms, and overall brand inconsistency due to lack of standardized systems.

How does a DAM solution tackle these challenges and many more?

Modern DAM solutions offer the following features to revamp your workflows:

  • Store all your assets in a single, secure repository
  • Use intelligent metadata for fast and easy search
  • Ensure access control with granular and customizable permissions
  • Collaborate directly on videos and images across teams and devices
  • Ensure assets are always up-to-date and consistent with your brand
  • Archive expired assets with automated rules

Why Does Your Organization Need DAM?  

It’s important to fully understand what a DAM solution can do for your organization before investing in one. The benefits offered by a solution that’s right for your specific needs can be manifold. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Unlimited cloud-based storage: As you grow your business, your asset storage needs will be taken care of with a globally accessible cloud-based ingestion system like Globaledit Sync.
  • Fast Asset Discovery: With tools like Metadata, your creatives will no longer waste precious time searching for assets, translating to enhanced productivity and increased ROI as you scale your client base.

  • Seamless Collaboration: Production, editing, and communication don’t need to happen in silos. Marketplace Integrations allow your team access to all their favorite tools on a single platform.

  • Asset Lifecycle Management: A DAM solution enhances not just your creative workflow but the overall journey from project initiation to asset archival. 

  • Brand Integrity: When your assets are always up-to-date with Versioning, your brand communication is on point, every time.

  • Accelerated Approvals: You no longer need to go through 2-3 rounds of approvals. With tools like Approvals, your team can review asset versions side-by-side and approve or kill actions.

Prepare Your Business For Growth  

With growth comes a flurry of challenges but also an opportunity to unlock hidden value for the business. As your brand takes shape and your business grows, there is a real possibility of hitting scalability roadblocks that can threaten to eat into your profits or even dismantle your processes. 

With a successful DAM solution that is suited for your unique needs, you can prepare your business to manage these challenges and more, and overcome them to take that next step in your journey. The adoption of AI, automation, and newer cutting-edge technologies in asset management solutions is raising the bar for what DAM can do for creative organizations. 

And with rich media assets, especially video, taking center stage across platforms and content types, DAM is more relevant than ever. 

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