Digital Asset Management For Startups

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Managing resources effectively is an important aspect of any startup. But when it comes to investing in the creation of your brand, expenses can seem inconsequential. Especially when compared to the expected ROI of brand recognition. A dangerous mindset to fall into early in the game. That’s why digital asset management is such a vital cost-cutting tool for startups. 

Digital asset management (DAM) platforms that are tailored to startups let you grow your brand effectively and affordably from the start. 

globaledit’s Startup Solution allows you to automate, centralize and organize your creative assets and take control of your creative process. 

Why is DAM software so beneficial for creative startups?

In any startup, numerous roles and responsibilities often fall on one person. This doesn’t come without its benefits, though. It offers key stakeholders a comprehensive and holistic view of the company, seeing how different departments and divisions co-exist and inform each other’s functions. 

But when you have to wear numerous hats at once, your time becomes even more valuable. As such, startups require efficient solutions that help them make the most of the time and resources at their disposal. 

DAM platforms allow startups to communicate their brand more efficiently within teams, even as it is being formed. In startups, brand identity is something that is often still in its formative stages and could alter over time. But that doesn’t mean brand consistency isn’t important. 

Startup DAM solutions provide businesses with collaborative efficiency when it matters most to get their brand off on the best foot. 

By communicating directly with creative teams while assets are still in production, you get to retain creative control of brand consistency. You get to inject your personal understanding of your brand into assets from the get-go. 

The benefits of creative asset management for startups

Digital asset management software allows startups to streamline the creation and organization of their creative assets. Any DAM platform worth its salt optimizes storage and asset accessibility. But the best DAM platforms also create a space where creative collaboration is made more efficient. 

Here are a few benefits that startups should get from their DAM. 

Collaborate, anywhere, anytime

Giving creative teams access to workspaces lets them comment on assets and participate in the creative process

With a SaaS DAM platform, your team can work efficiently, simultaneously, on creative projects from anywhere, anytime. From stakeholders to creative teams to freelancers, everyone can stay on the same page. 

Accessible version timelines

Multiple versions of edited assets remain visible in your DAM library so you never lose track of creative work. Version control also allows stakeholders to see the creation process more holistically to help them provide comprehensive feedback. 

Clear communication

Automated notifications are sent to stakeholders when action is needed throughout the asset’s lifecycle. Status updates are forwarded to key role players to get the next phase of the workflow going. 

globaledit’s Markup Editor transforms the tedious and time-consuming task of providing feedback into a quick and seamless opportunity for collaboration. 

Optimized workflows

Globaledit Sync lets you upload assets to your workspace as they are created. With your DAM library synced in real-time, the workflow can move to the next stage immediately. 

An overview of globaledit’s startup benefits

globaledit’s Startup Solution offers businesses key benefits when it comes to creating a strong creative brand foundation. 

Project Management: Keep track of projects and simplify workflows to utilize resources effectively. 

Centralized digital asset management: Reuse instead of recreate creative assets when you need them. 

Control Costs: Manage creative budgets with increased workflow oversight. 

Shape your brand: Offer a holistic view of your brand to creatives even in the formative stages. 

Workflow Consulting: Get guidance from the globaledit team to help you make the most of the platform. 

A DAM platform customized to suit your startup

Building a DAM platform that is customized to your needs allows you to be an active part in the creation of your brand one step at a time without having to waste time or resources along the way. 

The globaledit Marketplace lets you integrate your system with digital applications that streamline the creative workflow even more: 

  • Adobe Creative Suite 
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Email Management 
  • Product Information Management (PIM)
  • Project Management

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