Digital Asset Management for Small Businesses

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A small business is anything but small to the people on the inside. It’s a place that houses more than a collection of professional skills and services. It’s a place where passions, goals, and dreams are bursting from the seams. 

It is also the place where every decision matters and every action can affect the future.

It is because of this that creatives that work in small businesses are always looking for ways to create, organize, and share their digital assets more efficiently to help scale their business quicker. The answer to that search lies in cloud-based digital asset management. 

Why is DAM important for small businesses?

What makes small businesses unique? Their passion. It’s this passion, partnered with a driving momentum, that makes every team member give their all to see the business reach its goals. 

The early days of small businesses, especially, is a time when people feed off of each other’s energy and live for a shared dream. 

But this passion is so easily derailed, especially in creative capacities, when workflows aren’t managed efficiently. That’s why a digital asset management (DAM) platform that optimizes creative workflows is so vital for small businesses. 

DAM software solutions for small businesses allow you to streamline the creation, organization, and distribution of the digital assets (logos, images, videos, etc.) that are used to create and maintain a brand. 

While storage platforms such as Google Drive and DropBox are adequate to share these assets for a while, they don’t offer much in the way of scalability. As the business grows, digital asset libraries can easily become cluttered and inefficient. A DAM introduces centralized storage and creative integration solution that saves time and boosts productivity. 

What does a DAM platform offer to small businesses? 

Globaledit’s DAM platform for small businesses offers you a centralized location for digital asset storage, creation, collaboration, and distribution. 

The best digital asset management platforms for small businesses, such as globaledit,  allow creatives to collaborate on digital asset creation and get instant approval on updates all in one place. When creative tools are integrated with the DAM platform, creative productivity is maximized even further and updates are synced with the library in real-time. 

With feedback, comments, content requests, project assignments, and approvals all existing in one centralized location, creatives can accelerate their output. This creative output links directly to the business’s distribution, and in turn, links to the growth of the business.  

How far do the benefits of DAM platforms extend?

When creative efficiency becomes a part of your business right from the beginning, each project that comes along will be met with the eagerness that was nurtured at the start. 

Especially in its formative years, the collaboration that a DAM promotes can extend beyond the creation of digital assets. In this way, shared visions and new goals can be born out of a business environment that embraces creative opinions and recognizes each voice in the team. 

SaaS DAM solutions, the safest bet 

SaaS DAM platforms are the safest, most reliable solutions. This is mainly due to cloud-based DAMs being updated as new technological advances are made. Furthermore, through the use of HTTPS technology, a cloud-based DAM is also secure from the onset, whereas other solutions require the creation of additional security protocols that need to be updated by the host. With SaaS solutions, security updates are simply part of the deal, at no extra cost. 

Customizing your SMB digital asset management system

The final aspect that differentiates small businesses is their uniqueness. When working with a smaller team and with a smaller client base, a business gets to retain its personality and the aspects that make it different from larger corporations. That’s not something we want you to lose out on.  

Globaledit allows you to customize your DAM and your creative tool integrations according to your needs. 

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