Digital Asset Management For Creative Teams

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Entire empires are built on the foundation of visual assets that identify a brand, with digital creative assets that create a single, unifying visual style. And yet, the creative teams behind these creative assets are often far less unified due to a lack of efficient digital asset management for creative workflow. 

The simple truth is that creatives are artists at heart who want to get lost in the works they’re creating. They don’t want to sit around updating project cards, downloading files, and setting up strategic to-do lists – they want to get their hands dirty and leave the boring old management side of things to someone else. Someone like you, most likely, if you’re reading this. 

How creative teams can streamline their digital assets

When it comes to DAM creative team workflows, the dream is to create an environment that has done away with the divided nature that so many creatives strain under. When a creative team is able to work together towards a common goal, their collaborative achievements far outshine the ones created when working in silos.  

But how do you get an entire team producing top-tier work all at the same time? With globaedit, of course. 

With a DAM platform that is focused on making the creative process more collaborative and more efficient, your team of creatives can get to doing what they do best – forget about everything that actually makes their work more efficient, and just create. 

How does globaledit’s DAM software help creatives?

Globaledit prides itself in being a DAM platform that is created for creatives by creatives. We know what will make the lives of every creative team easier because we’ve been there ourselves. So with globaledit at the center of your creative workflow, you can create an efficient ecosystem of creative asset management. 

Integrating the whole team with possibilities

By integrating your globaledit DAM platform with the Adobe Creative Cloud tools your team is already using, you get to hit the ground running on every project. You get to communicate directly with your team on each asset and have the latest edits uploaded in real-time to the DAM library, yet never lose access to previous versions. 

With complete access control, you get to include every person that can help realize a greater creative vision and allow them to collaborate in the creation of the digital asset via direct comments. Key stakeholders’ feedback is also obtained directly on the system via instant contact sheets to ensure that the creative team never misses a beat. 

A world of assets, uploaded and synced in real-time

Once uploaded, the selection of the best digital assets is completely hassle-free, with selections made visible on the instantly updated library. Creative teams know immediately which assets they need to work on and what their responsibilities are. 

The days of wasting valuable time with uploads and downloads are over. With globaledit, you get to upload bulk collections in no time and sync photoshoots directly with your DAM in real-time.

The access card to your digital asset library

Once your assets are completed, product-related metadata enriches your visual assets to simplify finding them whenever your team needs them. This way, efficiency remains a part of every creative digital asset’s lifetime. With near-endless storage capabilities (supported by multiple backup servers), you can store as many assets as you like for as long as you like, knowing that your work is always just a click away. 

Automating holistic project management

By automating your digital asset management of creative workflows, you get to integrate asset creation with campaign management planning. We make distributing assets a breeze. With automated notifications, you can share and send assets quickly and efficiently to your entire team, talent, managers … everyone that has their 2 cents to offer, and get your final content into the market so much sooner. 

To keep your assets safe, approval can be obtained by creating watermarked contact sheets to send to talent, stakeholders, or management. This way, your assets are protected while they’re being created. 

The benefits of creative asset management for creative teams

Digital asset management for creative teams increases efficiency. It’s that simple. With fully automated access control, you get to save time and improve creative productivity.

However, efficiency is not limited to the streamlining of workflow on projects. Sure, globaledit does streamline the creative workflow of every team that uses it, but we’re talking about how the actual creative process becomes more efficient and more in-depth when you break down the walls of divisions. 

The greatest benefit of DAM is seeing how creative teams, from freelance photographers right up to creative directors, are able to become a part of the creative process every step of the way, instead of simply waiting for someone to finish up their work so you can start with yours. Thanks to the automated and integrated nature of globaledit’s DAM platform, the nitty gritty aspects of digital asset management become all but invisible, working away in the background to offer creatives (and every other member of the team) the chance to once again get lost in the act of creation. 

How to leverage creative asset management software to suit your team

Your creative team is unique. It’s made up of individuals who, when put together, form something that is unlike any other. So why would your digital asset management platform be a one-size-fits-all solution? With globaledit, you get to customize your DAM platform to not only support but utilize the elements that make your team unique. 

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