DAM Basics: Creative Workflow Management and Asset Libraries (for SMBs)

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This is the small-to-medium business edition in our DAM Basics series on scaling creative workflows using digital asset management (DAM). This is for SMBs keen to streamline and organize business assets while accelerating creative asset production. We’ll cover why next-gen DAM software can and should become a core part of your business-growth strategy.

What Is Digital Asset Management (and Digital Asset library)?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) software is the ‘one-truth’ repository for your business’ digital assets. 

If you’re still wondering what digital assets are – they can be considered as media, images, videos, product catalogs and other non-textual related content used within your business. 

An asset library is the DAM heartbeat for all the processes that create, store, organize, manage and retrieve digital assets.

Why is an asset library important for SMBs?

Scaling and managing workflows pose real growth challenges for SMBs greatest. Many SMBs still haven’t discovered that a digital asset library (and not just any) can play a huge role in overcoming certain growth blockers.

Here’s one of those growth blockers, for example:

Creative assets create value. But the creative production cycle slows down as the more creative assets are collaborated on by more and more collaborators.

From planning, creating and optimizing, to organizing, scaling and preserving—digital assets created at scale also scale communication, admin requirements, mixups, human error and the sheer time it takes to get things right.

In such a highly competitive market for SMBs, it’s wise to manage digital assets smartly from day-one to avoid the DAM-admin snowballing effect.

Not only does it relieve the admin burden, but it’s a great tool to bring your teams together to collaborate cohesively.

How does an asset library actually streamline SMBs workflow?

Streamlining creative workflows for SMBs is particularly tricky because many SMBs approach this challenge unguided for the first time.

DAM. Here’s why:

DAM and your SMB strategy 

Another challenge for SMBs is creating an effective strategy to enhance business growth.

Without DAM, the very process of organizing, creating and accelerating digital asset distribution can start to decrease the value of your rich media assets.

If you are currently using in-house systems or isolated tools to manage your business and its digital assets, it is inevitable that at one point or another there will be disorganized chaos – and not to mention financial losses in some shape or form.

Less is more, right? We get it.

Asset libraries offer the flexibility and simplicity you need in your business. 

How? Based on the scope of your business, your asset library can be set up on a month-to-month basis or long-term according to your budget.

Forget about complex set-ups and lengthy migration processes, with DAM’s API custom integration solutions, it can blend easily into your existing systems or creative tools.

DAM security must be a priority, always

Did you know that 4/10 businesses experienced some form of cyber security breach in 2021? – Cyber Security Breaches 2021

The safety of your assets, employees and users should never be compromised. And with the two-factor security authentication, they won’t be.

You’ll have full control over the security and access of your assets.

Reduce to eliminate all these risks with a DAM asset library (seriously, we can’t help it).  

Wrapping up

If you are serious about taking your SMB to new heights, globaledit’s flexible and affordable DAM solutions are just what you need. 

Seamlessly organize, assign and scale your digital assets in one place with globaledit.