how Tuckernuck transformed its creative workflow with globaledit

Globaledit helped Foster White, Director of Digital Assets at Tuckernuck, accelerate the content production process by automating asset management and centralizing edit & review rounds.

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the situation

Lifestyle brand Tuckernuck was launched in 2012 to provide classic, modern clothing for customers celebrating the meaningful elements of life—sport, travel, family, friends, and fun—and has grown exponentially over the past two years. While the brand looked to capitalize on its success, the internal team found itself struggling to scale content production to meet the needs of their retail and e-commerce channels.

Foster White is at the front of Tuckernuck’s evolution as the lead photographer and head of all digital assets. He owns all content published by the brand—from advertising to editorial—and found it hard to keep up with the growing content library. Before moving to Globaledit, his previous workflow was chaotic and complicated, relying on an intricate Dropbox system which made it challenging to collaborate and impossible to scale.

“After every photoshoot, I’d use Adobe Bridge to organize all the assets into folders named by SKU,” he recalls. “Then I would go in and organize SKU folders, upload the entire shoot into Dropbox, copy duplicates of SKUs into different Dropbox folders for retouchers, and then go through and review all the work again when the assets were sent back.”

He felt he was wasting time on a tedious process when he could have been focusing on more important things, like planning new campaigns. Foster was introduced to Globaledit after a conversation with one of his stylists, and everything changed. As he describes it, “It was love at first sight!”

“Globaledit has revolutionized and streamlined how we collaborate as a team here at Tuckernuck.”

Foster White
Director of Digital Assets

the solution

Foster instantly recognized Globaledit as a platform that would enable his team to move faster and focus on creative content instead of manual administrative tasks. With Globaledit, Tuckernuck’s creative team had a central place to organize, collaborate, and share their creative assets.

After a shoot, the assets are instantly uploaded to Globaledit, and Foster can immediately begin working with stylists and art directors to make selects. The Mark Up tool allows him to streamline post production by providing direct in-platform feedback to retouchers. Every team member involved can easily search and view assets with Globaledit’s automatic metadata tagging features.

One of the most transformational features for Tuckernuck is Globaledit’s Versioning feature. Using Versioning, Foster can easily review and compare work-in-progress assets and assess progress, significantly accelerating the overall development timeline. “I no longer needed to manually reconcile old files with retouched versions. Instead, my entire company has visibility into new and final assets and the merchandising team knows exactly where to find content ready for publication.”

“I would not have been able to get the most up-to-date assets to graphic designers as quickly. I would not have been able to give feedback to retouchers as effectively. I cannot imagine my life without this platform.”

Foster White
Director of Digital Assets

the result

With the level of clarity and visibility provided by the globaledit platform, Foster’s team is able to begin working on production as soon as a shoot wraps. This workflow has enabled Tuckernuck to accelerate content production and double their output.
Globaledit is revolutionizing the outdated workflows of asset management. Ensure that your team never wastes a second. Request a demo today and learn more about how you, like Tuckernuck, can get the most success out of your creative process.

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