Globaledit digitally transforms how Peter Millar produces content

Faced with ongoing inefficiencies across their content production workflow, luxury apparel brand Peter Millar turned to Globaledit to centralize their asset management and edit process, saving countless hours and resources as a result.

users across creative, post-production, and external teams

15 TB

storage for complete digital asset organization


key platform integration with Peter Millar’s CMS

the situation

Peter Millar’s creative teams lacked a central place for users to access their digital assets across multiple departments. If there was a need to go back to a shot when working on raids in the studio, team members had to look through multiple raids to find assets. As a result, beyond the time wasted searching for assets, studio teams were often forced to reshoot product. Creative and post-production teams were using Dropbox for their retouching workflow, and with email as the primary form of communication, they were unable to mark up assets or collaborate smoothly with multiple freelance vendors.

“Globaledit is helping to digitally transform how Peter Millar produces content & therefore reaches its consumer.”

Margaret O’Connor
Studio Operations Manager

the solution

Globaledit’s core collaboration tools streamlined Peter Millar’s creative workflow to make content production seamless. The Globaledit platform transformed their post-production process with freelance vendors as team members utilized features like the markup editor, smart collections, and the ability to track all stages of the assets—such as “to edit” or “web ready”—along with custom ratings to call out priority assets. With a simplified folder structure starting from capture to work-in-progress, assets were centralized across teams, making it fast and easy for any user to search for assets and check on their statuses across the creative lifecycle.

As Globaledit transformed Peter Millar’s content production at scale, the brand is now looking to further expand its success with new integrations across their vendor ecosystem and with sister brand G/Fore for use in their LA studio and respective post-production workflow.

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