Food Network scales photo production and streamlines content management with Globaledit

As Food Network has scaled in the past decade, their photo team needed to modernize their legacy processes. They looked to Globaledit as a central repository for their digital assets, replacing their disorganized content library and shaving days off their production process.

new assets generated monthly, from review & edit to approval


improvement in speed to market


users managing content for 220+ series on Globaledit

Well-known as one of the most iconic names in broadcasting and media, Food Network has scaled significantly in the past decade, hosting over 200 series globally today. To continue to operate with speed at scale, internal teams have had to modernize their legacy processes. Food Network’s photo team supports creative, production, post-production, asset management, and photo research departments, generating up to 12,000 new assets each month.

As the content library multiplied, Food Network’s photo team needed one central repository to replace their disorganized collection of spreadsheets, hard drives, and Box folders full of unapproved photos. By standardizing on Globaledit, the team shaved days off nearly every step of their production process and gained the transparency they need to operate efficiently as they scale.

“Globaledit has cut our time to market by 300%. We are able to completely control the access and distribution of our assets ensuring that no time gets wasted on working on an outdated image. Our teams love Globaledit’s intuitive interface and can’t imagine working with any other tool!”

a new digital workflow

To accelerate turnaround time and improve their processes for approvals, markups, and distribution, the Food Network team partnered with Globaledit. The Globaledit platform has transformed their internal review and approval processes and also helps seamlessly route approvals to relevant talent.

Food Network’s photo team has sped their process up by days by uploading photos directly into Globaledit from the shoot using Globaledit Sync. Post-production teams then take advantage of real-time collaboration features to rapidly deliver markup instructions to retouchers.

3x speed to market

Globaledit integrates with Food Network’s internal archival digital asset management system to bridge work-in-progress content. The platform streamlines the distribution and sharing of approved assets through collections and ensures user rights are controlled through admin permissions to prevent unapproved access. Today, online talent approvals happen within hours, eliminating time previously wasted trading emails and aligning file names in WeTransfer. Once the approved assets are selected, retouchers use the Rating, Markup Editor, and Version features to accelerate their review rounds.

The combination of these efficiencies has resulted in thousands of hours saved and increased relationships and satisfaction among talent.

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