Globaledit becomes the cornerstone of Belk's creative and marketing process

Like many historic brands, retail icon Belk found itself struggling to match 21st-century customer demand with outdated, siloed processes. Globaledit united teams across Belk's creative production workflow to shorten content delivery timelines from weeks to days.

improvement in creative output within 1 year of adoption


assets managed on Globaledit


users across 6+ previously siloed departments integrated on Globaledit

In 2020, it became obvious to Belk’s creative leadership that their traditional creative workflow needed an update. Like many historic brands, the retail icon found itself struggling to match 21st-century customer demand using outdated, siloed processes.

What began as a simple transition to using Globaledit as the company’s unified asset library quickly evolved into a complete transformation of Belk’s content production, collaboration, and distribution process. With Globaledit, Belk has integrated the workflows across its creative, production, branding, and design teams, decreasing the shot-to-publication timeline from weeks to days and accelerating creative output by 75%.

The Globaledit platform has become a cornerstone of Belk’s creative and marketing workflows within one year of adoption.

“We had to find a way to bring together pre-creative teams, shooting teams, branding teams, post-creative teams, graphic designers, and retouchers, to create a central place for everyone to communicate and work together. We built our workflow in Globaledit and within just a few weeks, the process was seamless.”

D Jonathan Hutchings,
Photographer Studio Manager

uniting disparate teams with critical product integrations

Belk rapidly united its disparate workflows by leveraging Globaledit’s ability to integrate with key tools that the company relied upon, such as Workhorse. Now, as soon as new assets are uploaded to Globaledit, they are immediately enriched via an integration with Workhorse. The ability to assign metadata to each asset makes it easy for different teams to search for content they need.

“We’ve been able to bring in departments that hadn’t been previously involved because we couldn’t give them an easy way to find and access an asset,” says Photography Studio Manager D Jonathan Hutchings.

meeting the speed of demand with quality content

To match increasing customer demand, Belk’s creative and marketing teams have been able to shorten their creative workflow timeline from weeks to days. The transition to Globaledit was swift as teams recognized how the platform eliminated analog tasks and reduced unnecessary work hours while improving final product quality and enabling everyone to work from a single source of truth.

The short transition was impressive, but even more amazing is how the use of the platform has expanded. Globaledit’s ease of use and the outstanding support the company provides encourages everyone to find ways to integrate additional pieces of the workflow into the system.”

D Jonathan Hutchings,
Photography Studio Manager

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