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BarkBox transformed its content creation & distribution process with Globaledit's centralized asset management, WIP, and collaboration tools to continually delight pet owners with fresh and captivating content.

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the situation

BarkBox has carved a niche for itself by delivering happiness to dogs and their owners through their innovative subscription boxes. To continually delight their customers with fresh and engaging content, BarkBox faced the challenge of streamlining its creative production process.

Before implementing Globaledit, BarkBox grappled with the inefficiencies of digital asset management (DAM) systems that failed to meet their unique needs. The absence of crucial Work-In-Progress features hampered the collaboration between creative and marketing teams, slowing down the content distribution process. BarkBox desperately needed a solution that could not only centralize asset management but also enhance cross-functional collaboration—from art directors to post-production teams—throughout the creative lifecycle.

Globaledit allows BarkBox to elevate and streamline the entire creative process. Key creative phases including review, approval, retouching, and distribution — all of which are essential to each BarkBox campaign are made possible through the use of Globaledit.

Meredith Bogonovich,
Director of Creative Operations

the solution

Recognizing the gaps in their creative production process, BarkBox turned to Globaledit for a solution that promised to transform their workflow. Globaledit stood out with its robust Work-In-Progress features, designed to power dynamic collaboration across creative and marketing teams. By implementing Globaledit, BarkBox achieved:

centralized asset management

A unified platform where cross-functional teams could easily access, manage, and collaborate on digital assets from inception to distribution.

enhanced creative collaboration

The Work-In-Progress Ratings and Labels features allowed teams to efficiently rate and categorize assets. This streamlined selection process ensured that no time was wasted in identifying top-tier content for campaigns.

clear, real-time communication between post-production teams

With Globaledit’s markup tool, users could annotate directly on assets, enabling real-time feedback and swift revisions. The @ mention functionality on markup layers further optimized communication, ensuring that retouchers could instantly act on feedback.

efficient asset distribution

BarkBox significantly reduced the time required to prepare assets for distribution. Seamlessly tracking the retouching workflow—from request to final approval—meant that creative teams could double their output without compromising quality.

the result

BarkBox’s partnership with Globaledit has elevated the way they approach creative production. With Globaledit, they have not only streamlined asset management but also fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration within their creative teams. The impact was profound: assets were ready for distribution in half the usual time, enabling BarkBox to consistently engage its audience with captivating content. This output efficiency has not only enhanced BarkBox’s brand identity but has also set a new standard for creative production in the pet industry.

Globaledit is a requirement in the creative process of BarkBox!

Meredith Bogonovich,
Director of Creative Operations

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