Globaledit becomes Andrew Day's essential tool to scale success​

New York City-based photographer and director Andrew Day uses Globaledit to maintain uninterrupted client communication and an efficient creative workflow with his team.

assets managed on Globaledit at any time


hours saved weekly through efficient collaboration & communication


increased capacity to take on new clients with productivity gains and time savings

New York City-based photographer and director Andrew Day has been working with clients around the globe for nearly a decade. His studio boasts a stellar portfolio of brands including Moet Hennessy, Vogue, Adidas, and Victoria’s Secret. Andrew is constantly on the move, facing the ongoing challenge of balancing uninterrupted client communication and an efficient creative workflow with his team. Add to that the difficulty of creating and managing thousands of digital assets at any given time, and the challenge takes on a new dimension.

With Globaledit, Andrew and his team have access to a centralized platform that enables them to streamline the communication and production process, saving 10+ hours each week. Managing assets on Globaledit has increased Andrew’s capacity to take on new business by 40%, while maintaining complete confidence in his ability to deliver high-quality work for every client.

“My shoots require me to travel constantly and Globaledit is exactly what I needed for many years. I can collaborate with my post production team and streamline my client’s experience from anywhere in the world.”

Andrew Day,
Photographer and Director

seamless collaboration

Traveling and working in different time zones makes nonstop communication crucial for Andrew and his creative team. Globaledit enables his crew to work asynchronously across time zones, seamlessly collaborating on numerous projects at any time. Similarly, Andrew uses Globaledit to share work with clients, allowing them to easily give feedback and request changes. The Markup Editor tool lets external teams clearly denote specific changes on any image so a retoucher can begin work immediately.

ensuring quality at scale

Globaledit gives Andrew a central dashboard to streamline and monitor his creative workflow. He can review assets, shortlist selects, and start post-production immediately following a shoot.

While every team member works independently, Andrew retains complete control over his work through the platform. He can control access, permissions, and secure distribution of all content, ensuring his client’s proprietary information is protected.

From ingestion to final distribution, Globaledit has eliminated confusion, risk, and countless delays in Andrew’s production process.

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