Creative Workflow

Connected Creativity
We understand the process of a creative workflow. Most importantly, we want to empower your workflow with the ability to build smart collections and automated tagging to slash your production timelines. Globaledit is software built by creatives, for creatives.
Creative workflow that facilitates collaboration
Your creative workflow should be simple. You shouldn't have to use multiple software solutions to achieve one goal. Globaledit streamlines your creative workflow into one centralized location that your team can use simultaneously.
  • Automation
    Assets live in a virtual folder based on rules such as ratings, retouching, dates, metadata, and comments.
  • Collaboration
    Collaborate on each layer of the asset with status updates and give granular feedback for a faster turnaround.
  • Metadata
    Metadata makes your assets discoverable quickly and makes working with these assets seamless.
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Learn about how globaledit can streamline your creative workflow and slash production time.
  • Your Assets When You Need Them
    We know you need to produce quality content on tight deadlines. That’s why we centralize all your assets in one organized platform.
  • Your Assets Where You Want Them
    Quickly find the right assets among thousands of assets with globaledit’s advanced metadata & automated tagging.
  • Be in the Know of What is Important
    Achieve unparalleled transparency to all assets. Access all versions of the asset and account for all the stages of the asset’s life cycle.
  • Obtain Key Insights
    Empower and align teams with a single platform. One source of communication—from capture to delivery of production—allows everyone to gain the insights they need.
Slash your creative workflow production timeline
Producing good quality content quickly is difficult. You're often stuck toggling between teams, softwares and screens. Globaledit gives you and your team the ability to all work on assets together, seamlessly and efficiently.
  • Annotation
    Markup and comment on visual assets without having to leave the platform. You get complete team transparency.
  • Voting
    You and your team can vote on what visual assets and edits you like. Work quickly without compromising quality.
  • Feedback
    Your entire team can comment on assets simultaneously making sure that everyone is up to speed.
“Using this platform saves us time and money, which translates into more production capacity. ”
Paul Nicholson, Senior VP, Production & Technology, Showtime Networks
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