Creative Workflow Management Solutions: What Can You Expect with the Right Solution

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Over 90% of marketers say that the majority of their projects don’t move along efficiently during the content creation process. This data proves the need for an efficient creative workflow in organizations. 

Meeting deadlines with quality and creativity intact is only possible in a robust and streamlined system. That’s exactly what creative workflow management solutions help in creating. From role assignment to review and approval—a creative project management system keeps creative workflows on track.

It sets up responsibilities and steers the work in a direction that helps save time and money. 

How Is Creative Workflow Being Adopted?

The workflow automation industry is expected to reach $18.45 billion by 2023, which points to the rapid adoption of the system. Creative workflow management solutions are being implemented across various industries. Few examples include:

  • Branding and advertising agencies
  • Digital creative agencies
  • Graphic designing firms
  • Enterprise in-house agencies
  • App development companies

According to a report, 66% of project managers have expressed their intentions of using workflow management tools extensively given adequate support from their organizations. 

Benefits of Creative Workflow Management Solutions

Creative workflow management solutions help project management and creativity to coexist. 

Implement in the Entire Creative Process 

Do you have to use a different tool to track time and another for review and approval? Creative workflow management solutions are built specifically for the creative process and help throughout the lifecycle of a creative asset. Here’s how: 

Definition and ideation: According to a report by Project Management Institute, 37% of projects fail due to the lack of clearly defined objectives. Creative asset management solutions help set initial goals clearly, which in turn, helps in assigning responsibilities and tracking progress.

Creation: During the creation process, creative project management tools promote collaboration. From managing files to tracking time, these tools offer a 360-degree approach.

Review and approval: This can be the most time-consuming step of the creative workflow without a system in place. With review and approval tools and the ability to comment, you get to receive feedback in an organized manner and respond accordingly. 

Reduces Cost 

Workflows with defined goals and assigned responsibilities boost productivity, which reduces additional costs by sticking to the stipulated budget and avoiding budget overruns. With a creative project management tool, 43% more projects are completed within budget.

Project planning becomes a smooth sail as workflow management software can help predict deadlines with the help of AI, including constraints like cost, schedule, and scope.

Establishes an Effective Communication System

Poor communication not only hampers the quality of work and the time taken to meet deadlines, but it also costs businesses a tremendous amount of money. According to a study, companies with over 100,000 employees have faced losses of over $62 million due to poor communication. 

With an efficient management solution, you facilitate effective communication among the team that helps maintain transparency, keeps team members organized, and boosts productivity. It ensures that everything “flows” smoothly, thus avoiding confusion and chaos while working.

Encourages Feedback

A management tool not only invites feedback from the team but also allows your clients to input their requests directly into the project database themselves. This leaves no room for confusion as the requests are recorded exactly as envisioned.

Creative operations can benefit to a great extent from creative workflow management solutions. The tools facilitate success while narrowing your goals and focus, hence improving the rate of success as observed by major companies who adopted these tools. 

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