Creative Asset Management Workflow

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For their creative assets to be effective, designers should be asking themselves if their creative assets:

  • Form an impactful brand story
  • Interact with the user in a memorable way
  • And if their target audience can immerse themselves into the experience they’re trying to create. 

The entire process is time-consuming and with the pressure to get the messaging and experience right the first time, it becomes daunting. 

The last thing creative teams need when the heat is on to scale creative assets is a lack of support from ineffective tools when it comes to managing and producing assets.  

For them to perform at their best, they need a system that allows them to go through each stage of the workflow quickly and effortlessly. 

What is a creative asset management workflow?

The process of creating assets, collaborating with team members, communicating with stakeholders and managing and storing thousands of creative assets forms what’s known as the asset management workflow. 

The ideal workflow should ebb and flow into each process, allowing design teams the liberty to produce creative assets of the highest standard.

How does creative asset management workflow work?

Designers need to design what could become a tremendous amount of creative assets on a daily basis. These assets often require collaboration from team members as well as a process that enables the team to easily integrate the different creative tools they use.  

Once a creative asset is completed, it’s sent off to creative stakeholders for approval.  With their thumbs-up, the assets are then categorized for easy storage and retrieval. 

Without a cohesive workflow, the team loses valuable time looking for assets, waiting on approvals and toggling between creative tools.

What are the benefits of creative asset management workflow?

With a creative asset management workflow, your creative team can enjoy a streamlined workflow that encourages creativity and optimizes campaign creation. 

A creative asset management workflow should:

  • Improve communication between teams ensuring accuracy and quicker productivity.
  • Have centralized storage to save and retrieve creative assets.
  • Save time looking for creative assets on other platforms.

Investing in a creative asset management workflow may be the answer to the issues your creative team faces daily, but to get the most out of it, you need to assess the problems you’re looking to solve. 

Who needs a creative asset management workflow?

If your team struggles through bottlenecks in the creative process on their way toward crafting superior assets, the solution you’re looking for may be a creative asset manager that improves the workflow. 

globaledit’s intuitive platform streamlines the creative asset management workflow, to increase the capacity of the process, and eliminate bottlenecks. Having been designed by creatives for creatives, your team can focus on delivering what they do best –  producing and distributing creative assets. 

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