Masterclass Series: Make Assets Smarter with Metadata

  Today’s creative production team must produce more photos, faster, with fewer resources. Rising to this challenge entails transforming the creative production process. In this second session of our online masterclass series, we address a radical new vision for photo production, based on the concept of ‘smarter assets’ produced through automated metadata tagging. This masterclass covers: […]

Masterclass Series: Learn Real-World Creative Production Techniques

  This year globaledit attended fantastic creative operations conference both on the West and East Coast. One of the main feedback we received is that creative production professionals were yearning for the chance to dive deeper into many topics discussed. As a result, our Masterclass Series was born. We will be putting on a series of online masterclasses […]

The Creative Production Challenge: Demand vs. Capacity [Webinar]

  A brand’s photos are their identity, making them extremely valuable. Everything that happens during the creative process directly impacts the integrity of those visual assets. With consumers growing demand for more and more images, across all channels, creative operations must put more attention on what happens “before the DAM”. It is about acceleration and […]

Creative Operations Webinar Building the Case for a New Workflow Solution

New Webinar! Building the Case for a New Workflow Solution

Building the Case for a New Workflow Solution Drive Transformation in your Organization Featuring Molly Gallagher, Consultant, Former VP of Marketing, Creative Services and Operations at Kenneth Cole Productions. WATCH THE WEBINAR Congratulations! You’ve identified new workflow solutions to make your creative services team more productive and deliver more content more economically. Now what? How do you […]

New Webinar! Ramping Up your eCommerce Production Workflow

  Globaledit released a new webinar in partnership with Industrial Color Studios. Ramping Up Your eCommerce Production Workflow: How to Better Manage High-Volume Imagery As retail transactions migrate increasingly to the internet, eCommerce image production workflows have become intensely demanding and essential to the profitability of today’s merchants. In this webinar, Jim Zdancewicz, Head of Studio […]

Video commenting. Accelerated. [Snackinar Recording]

  Video review & approval is a tedious process that often means endless emails, confusing feedback, and unpredictable outcomes. To avoid confusion and simplify your communication, we just rolled-out a powerful new video feature that will bring your video review to the next level: Frame accurate video commenting. In this session, Product Manager Matt Glueckert will […]

Kick-Start your Creative Workflow [Snackinar Recording]

Looking for innovative ways to optimize your creative production? We are too! This is why we brought you globaledit desktop, a tool to upload your assets to the cloud faster than ever. Join Product Manager, Tommy Lionelli, for a quick 20-minute training session that will automate your uploads for lightning-fast transfer and real-time collaboration. In […]

How to Work Efficiently with Remote Teams [ Snackinar Recording ]

When your photographer is on location in LA, your retouchers are in Hong Kong and your marketing team is in NYC, working together on the same creative project can be extremely challenging. Join Product Manager, Matt Glueckert, to discover how globaledit can tie your whole creative production workflow together, and boost your remote collaboration efficiency. […]

Accelerating Talent Approvals [Snackinar Recording]

  Handling talent approvals can be a huge headache. For over 10 years, globaledit has been providing the industry standard talent approval system. This streamlined tool is used every day by top media companies and advertising agencies, making sharing assets a breeze and approving them even easier. Join Product Manager, Matt Glueckert, to explore how […]

Streamlining Retouching Workflow [Snackinar Recording]

  Collaborating and sharing content has never been easier, and the demand to do so quickly, never greater. In this Snackinar, we continued our new series focusing on the craft of digital photo and video production. We interviewed top talent from across the creative industry to learn how they use their skills to create top-notch […]

Implementing Enterprise Application Security [Snackinar Recording]

  Collaborating and sharing content has never been easier, and the demand to do so quickly, never greater. But with great flexibility and speed can come poor security. So how do you keep creative workflow moving while maintaining a secure environment? Security Expert Ted Harrington from Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) joined Product Manager Matt Glueckert to […]

Mark That Asset Up! [Snackinar Recording]

We kicked-off the New Year with an upgraded photo markup editor in globaledit. We rebuilt our cutting-edge markup tools to bring you finer control and easier commenting – anywhere, anytime. Enjoy sharper annotations, faster turnaround, and easier team-wide collaboration with our easy-to-use markup interface. Join Product Manager, Matt Glueckert, for a 20-minute tutorial that will take […]

Rights and Wrongs of User Permissions [Snackinar Recording]

  There’s a fine line between open collaboration and a free for all. Managing a media library of thousands of assets is hard. Managing access to all of those assets is even harder. How do we separate access for internal vs. external users? Who can view what? And what can be distributed when? globaledit puts […]

Snackinar Recording: Managing Your Cloud-based Media Library

During creative production your team is constantly moving and sharing a massive amount of assets in order to collaborate. With so many cooks in the kitchen, maintaining access control, search-ability, and asset history is critical to a creative teams’ workflow efficiency. Learn how successful creative teams structure their cloud-based media libraries, and the new features […]

Snackinar Recording: Cover Your Assets

File sharing has become a fundamental part of creative collaboration. However, allowing all of your team to access entire project files can lead to compromised security and confusion in your workflow. globaledit developed a host of security features to offer a solution with the flexibility and control that creative production demands. In this session you […]

Snackinar Recording: The 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Workflows

We know your type. You’re smart. You’re savvy. You’ve got an arsenal of tools you’ve brought together to create your photo production process. But cobbling tools together doesn’t create a streamlined workflow. Find out how globaledit replaces FTP, spreadsheets, emails and other non-enterprise tools. In this session attendees will learn: How to share files more […]

Snackinar Recording: Awesome App Updates

The globaledit app for iPhone/iPad has made working on the go a breeze for users since it was released. Now we’ve taken it up a notch by adding a load of new features to make working anywhere from any device even more seamless. This update offers an improved user experience and the opportunity to get […]

Snackinar Recording: Fast FAQs

Time is your most valuable asset so be sure to use it effectively! This Snackinar covers the Top 5 time-saving tips in globaledit that help our customers get work done in less time and with less hassle. Get out of the office sooner and enjoy more of your Summer with these tips! In this Snackinar […]

Snackinar Recording: Talent Approvals

For over 8 years, globaledit has been the best talent approval tool available. Find out how TV networks and movie studios use globaledit everyday to manage approvals for the biggest names in Hollywood. In this Snackinar you’ll learn: • How to send Approval Galleries in a flash • How to use Approvals on the web, […]

Snackinar Recording: Approvals Made Easy with Asset Status

Check out the recording of this Snackinar introducing our newest feature release, Asset Status, and see how you can use globaledit to streamline the approval process. We’ve developed the new ‘Asset Status’ feature to make the approval process easy.  Now you can see whether or not an asset is or has ever been in an […]

Snackinar Recording: Notifications

Staying in the know is tough when you’re collaborating.  That’s why we developed the new globaledit notification feed.  It keeps you in the loop not only when you’re on the web, but also when you’re on your iPhone or iPad.  In this Snackinar Product Manager Matt Glueckert covers how to use the new notification feature, […]

Snackinar Recording: Stay in Sync with Transport

Faster upload times and immediate sharing of approved assets is no joke. This April Fools’ Day Edition of our Snackinar series was all about Transport. Product manager Matt Glueckert presented the benefits of using this advanced feature that allows our users to work in the cloud while leveraging in house data centers and IT investments. […]

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