Capturing Authenticity With Video Asset Management Software

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Video asset management software is the solution to getting you on the inside track of the video marketing boom. 

True, video production is a time-consuming and often expensive process. And it’s a fast-paced marketing ecosystem where it’s easy to get left behind as new content floods media channels. 

So the only way to stay afloat in the sea of video marketing … no, that’s not good enough, is it?. The only way to surf out the wave of video marketing is to boast a DAM that simplifies efficient video workflows. 

But first, let’s look at why video marketing is so vibrant at the moment. 

Why videos are the favorite child of the marketing world?

Any parent can tell you that playing favorites is a bad idea when you have more than one kid. It’s a downright recipe for disaster. 

But it’s so DAM difficult not to get that little extra sparkle in your eye when you think about the possibilities of video marketing, isn’t it? 

As video continues to be the favorite child of the marketing world, now is the best time to ensure you have the tools to make your video production cycle as powerful as possible. 

Sadly, favoritism always ends up with a child that demands increased attention and expenses. And it’s just the same with videos. Coming out ahead is often a demanding and expensive commitment. 

But oh, the benefits … The benefits are most certainly worth it. 

How video marketing allows you to connect on a new level

The popularity of videos is no mystery, though. It’s a medium that allows companies to do more than promote, they allow you to share an atmosphere and engage on a fully human level

Videos have a number of key benefits for marketing: 

  • Higher message retention that text-based marketing material
  • Trust is built by sharing content that is real and authentic
  • Easier to digest and share on the go through mobile devices
  • Increased SEO with longer engagement time

Even though video production takes real dedication, globaledit simplifies the investment with digital asset management for video production.

But we’ll get back to globaledit in a bit. 

First, we need to consider the most unexpected sources of inspiration when it comes to creating less expensive video production cycles: social media. 

Getting social with your video content

With TikTok’s stories, Instagram’s reels, and YouTube’s shorts, videos are quickly becoming the new word-of-mouth. 

What makes social media video usage so scalable is each channel’s video sharing capabilities. From the obvious ones like TikTok and YouTube to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, each channel lets you share video content in a unique way. 

And it’s the popularity of these amateur videos that are opening up the way to new possibilities within the marketing sphere. 

It isn’t the high-end videos that end up trending and connecting with people. It’s the raw, authentic content that connects to users. 

To piggyback on the current low-budget trend, companies can gain a lot more from investing in authentic messages (even when they’re not high-end productions) with quality post-production workflows. 

globaledit offers you a video asset management system that helps you gain valuable efficiency in the stages where it can make the biggest difference in the current market. 

Why globaledit is the perfect video asset management solution right now?

With globaledit, you get to scale every stage of your video workflow to help you create videos that can connect with your audience ASAP. 

Here’s how we help you streamline your video production:

Connect your teams to projects and before the first clapperboard shuts:

  • Automate entire production workflows beforehand to ensure continuous motion. 
  • Load detailed briefs and project notes onto your DAM to help focus messaging. 
  • Set permissions to keep the entire team up to date from the start. 
  • Use globaledit Sync to automate your video uploads directly from your shoot. 

Maintain creative momentum throughout projects and collaborate with ease: 

  • Integrate your DAM with digital editing tools like Photoshop so you don’t have to toggle between tools to view markups and comments.
  • Get notified of new comments and project status updates with automated notifications. 
  • Connect with team members and stakeholders directly from your digital tools.
  • Save the latest assets onto the DAM directly from your editing platform without deleting existing versions. 
  • Use metadata enrichment to share channel specifications, guide brand consistency, and tag assets for easy searchability. 

Connect assets with stakeholders and audiences more efficiently:

  • Share approval collections with talent and decision-makers for comprehensive project feedback that’s linked directly to your DAM and entire creative team. 
  • Automate notifications so everyone can drop their 2Cs when updates have been completed. 
  • Integrate your DAM with distribution tools that let you connect assets to larger projects, upload them directly to media channels, or publish them through your CMS. 

With all of that, getting your videos to the top of your audience’s feed is a piece of cake. 

The DAM that gives you the best of both worlds

Sure, there are other VAMs out there. And they do a DAM decent job of it, to be fair. But what sets globaledit apart is our affinity for creative immersion and collaboration. 

globaledit is a DAM that is built for creative efficiency that spans from image to video assets. With everything from enhanced organization to automated workflows covered, we tick every box of the creative wishlist. No matter which media assets you’re working with. 

But most importantly, globaledit’s DAM software lets you connect with your creative environment and collaborate with others. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what video marketing is all about, connecting with people in a whole new way?