Tips for Creative Teams on How to Work Remote
By Globaledit
Mar 18, 2020

An NPR Special Series “8 Tips To Make Working From Home Work for You” provides a practical guide on how to telecommute effectively. The Life Kit Guide takes into account mundane tips that many people overlook and overcomplicate when working out-of-office. The guide offers 8 go-to simple tips to keep you grounded while working remotely.

1.) Get your technology in order—make sure you have your physical technology (laptop, charger, desktop) plus your technology stack (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting) in order.

2.) Make sure you have the bandwidth—ensure you have an adequate internet connection.

3.) How to entertain your kids when they are working from home—create virtual playdates for your kids while you continue your 9-5.

4.) Manage expectations with your team—keep your team up-to-date on what can be accomplished and priorities.

5.) Embrace the webcam—seeing your co-workers via video can help you cope with the lack of social and emotional connection.

6.) Know thyself (and thy WFH weaknesses)—try to maintain your normal routine, and go for a walk to break out of the confines of your space.

7.) Stay connected—schedule video calls with your co-workers and use Slack, or a similar platform, for real-time updates.

8.) Do what you can; discuss when you can’t—if you cannot do your work remotely, try to problem-solve with your company and look for alternatives.

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