Morphe Harnesses the Power of Video Content

By Globaledit
Oct 08, 2019

With its rapid expansion underway, the digitally native brand, Morphe, is leveraging the use of in-store studios to drive foot traffic. Currently, the 12 studios in operation are offering free services.

From masterclasses and 20-minute tutorials to reserving a studio to film YouTube videos, the brand is focused on differentiating itself through these studio services. Morphe continues to expand globally while prioritizing a public space for a community to create and share content. Optimizing on the experiential marketing trend, Morphe is providing key resources to generate more digital assets while keeping the community engaged.

The demand for more digital assets calls for sophisticated management of assets and workflow. Without a creative asset management system, a seamless workflow of visual assets to push out to production is almost impossible to achieve. Learn more about Globaledit, the creative asset management that allows you to employ an intensive creative content strategy.

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