How To Keep Your Luxury Customers Engaged through Digitization

By Globaledit
Mar 16, 2020

Individuals confined to their homes are turning to the digital world to get a glimpse of what’s happening outside. Their 9-5 jobs, shopping, entertainment, social life, and exercise have all been transported to the digital realm. Since their customers’ lives are all happening online luxury brands must thrive in digitization in order to survive.

An article “How Luxury Brands Can Win During a Crisis” claims that accelerating digitization is key. The article states, “Many brands brag about their digital capabilities, but now is the time to be honest and take measures where your brand is lacking. Only the strongest digital brands will emerge during this crisis.”

Daniel Langer, the author of the article, clarifies that digitization “means sophisticated tools that measure digital marketing ROI, real-time insights, content validation and creation via Artificial Intelligence-powered tools, and highly-personalized and automated digital marketing journeys.”

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