How to Choose the Right DAM for Your Organization, globaledit®

Organizations are churning out marketing materials more than ever. No matter what industry you’re in, creating visual assets is essential to a successful business. However, keeping track of all of your assets and organizing them properly can be difficult. Digital asset management systems (DAMs) are the center of operation for these organizations. 

Choosing the right DAM comes down to ease of use and efficiency. You have to choose a DAM that allows you and your team to produce marketing assets, both photo and video, quickly and seamlessly. Rather than using multiple different softwares to achieve one goal, a DAM can centralize your work and cut your production time in half. 

When choosing a DAM, it’s important to take into account the needs of your organization. Globaledit was built by creatives, so we know the difficulties you’re facing and we’re here to help. 

For Your Work In Progress (WIP)

Globaledit offers streamlined ingestion of your assets, automatically appends metadata allowing for advanced search where you can build collections of your favorite assets and then streamlines sharing or download. Having a bird’s eye view to all of your assets is important. When you upload or download (in bulk) take advantage of custom metadata to append any special tags you care about. Metadata becomes a key part of how your assets are easily searched, filtered and saved for later use. This will slash the time you spend searching and working on visuals because we understand having the right photo or video at your fingertips is essential. To shorten your creative workflow, you can add a new collection based on your search results and filters, then choose to share or download. Once team members have eyes on the right photos or videos, leverage globaledit’s voting and rating system. This allows you and your team to simultaneously choose assets, find what’s best based upon team consensus or that one special approval and move on. 


Security and enterprise solutions are at the forefront of globaledit. When choosing a DAM for your organization, one of the most important things to consider is the security of your assets. Globaledit has top-tier security to ensure your assets are always safe. With globaledit’s asset rights, you can set expiration dates, grant or deny access requests, track usage, watermark, and more. Prevent the use of unauthorized, expired, or inappropriate media. 


If you’re working with globaledit, the interface provides you with an incredibly easy way to use the markup editor. While in the interface, you simply press the pen icon to enter the Markup Editor. Once activated, you can swipe through your team’s imported images and see current markups. You can then make your own markups in the editor by using the brush tool, comment section, or text. You can create versions of your visuals to see what is most up to date, and archive for later use. 

Customer Service

Globaledit prides itself on becoming part of your organizational needs. Once you choose us to become your DAM we are there with you every step of the way. From recreating a more functional creative workflow, to hours of customer support and onboarding, we want to make sure your organization has all the support you need.