How to Become a Creative Content Machine
By Globaledit
Feb 26, 2020

With the plethora of social media channels, brands are under pressure to churn out fresh content. Top brands must have enough content to be omnipresent on all channels and mediums. A WSJ article “The New Branding Strategy: Churn Out ‘Content'” claims “brands from Red Bull to Ralph Lauren have refashioned themselves into content-creating machines.” The article states that in order to survive brands must produce content at an unimaginable speed.

The demand for more content and hyper-sensitivity of ‘time-to-site’ has incentivized brands’ to utilize technology such as a creative asset management platform. There are a number of ways through which globaledit’s creative asset management platform removes the manual, disconnected obstacles commonly found in creative production.

If time-to-site and volume of content creation matter to your brand, we can help. Fill out our request a demo form, and we’ll be in touch in less than an hour.



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