How Homeless World Cup Benefits from globaledit

By Globaledit

Homeless World Cup organizes tournaments for the homeless all around the world. The nonprofit has over 450 locations, reaching 100,000 homeless people every year. Each year, their network of street football partners picks more than 500 players to compete in the annual Homeless World Cup tournament.  In addition to inspiring marginalized people around the world, the Homeless World Cup aims to challenge public’s perceptions of homelessness.

Images of the players play a large role in subverting pernicious stereotypes surrounding homelessness. 
Volunteer photographers from all around the world work to capture empowering photos of the players. With the many photos streaming in from around the world, the Homeless World Cup realized they needed a platform for organization and an improved workflow. Globaledit’s online photo management software allows photographers from all over the world to upload their photos to one central location from anywhere, anytime. The nonprofit can then access and view all the images quickly after international photographers have uploaded them.
For an enhanced organization, each photographer creates and maintains their own folder in globaledit. The advanced folder structure in globaledit permits the nonprofit to have a solid understanding of which images are uploaded by which photographer. Globaledit’s metadata schema further provides the nonprofit with valuable asset information such as the date, players, game, background story etc. The ability to search and find photos related to a specific event, such as a game is now simple. This data gold allows the needle in the haystack to be quickly spotted. With gloabledit, the Homeless World Cup can find the precise images they need to push out on their social channels efficiently.
Another feature of globaledit that has impacted the organization’s creative production is the star ratings and approval functionality. Globaledit’s star ratings assists the nonprofit in selecting the best images that convey compelling stories and portray the players in a heroic manner. The nonprofit is then able to send their favorite selects securely via a lightbox to the photographers and players, enhancing the production process. With globaledit’s accelerated photo workflow, the nonprofit is then able to share these compelling images of the players via social media shortly after the game.  
If you’re also working with internationally-based or dispersed teams or simply interested in creating efficiencies in your photo production, then let’s talk.
Photo Credits: Daniel Lipinski