globaledit attends the Digital Assets & Content Leadership Exchange

By Globaledit

, globaledit attends the Digital Assets & Content Leadership Exchange, globaledit®
Does your brand’s demand for visual content exceed your production team’s capacity? Does the combination of volume and speed have you looking for better ways to manage post-production workflows?
If you are a creative on a daily hunt for answers to these pressing questions, join globaledit at the Digital Assets & Content Leadership Exchange presented by Insight Exchange Network on January 22 – 24, 2018 in New York City as we explore the solutions and challenges faced by the creative ops community today.
The event will explore two parts of the creative process: strategy & monetization and implementation & stewardship. Network with us, share experiences and hear stories from industry experts at brands like Revlon Cosmetics, NBCUniversal, Hasbro, Facebook, World Wildlife Fund and many more.

Additionally, don’t miss out on two presentations from our thought leaders:
January 22, 2018 – 9:10 AM


Mathieu Champigny, CEO at globaledit

Today’s digital commerce requires creative production to move faster, and for digital assets to be made smarter.
Creative production leaders are now tasked with designing and implementing digital content management solutions with the future in mind, from smart digital assets to the breakthrough of Artificial Intelligence.
Mathieu will explore the topics of digital creative asset production challenges, review industry-leading practices and future technologies.

January 23, 2018 – 9:35 AM

David Iscove, Creative Production Solution Architect at globaledit

In today’s fast-paced creative production environments, metadata has more value than ever before, enabling automation to accelerate your time to market and analytics to inform future creative ROI.
But unlike the traditional approach to administrative and descriptive metadata where enrichment occurred post asset creation, new sources of relevant data, such as product and sample information, can be captured upstream prior to the creation of an asset to then feed downstream value.
David will show you how to identify and capture both this valuable upstream product information and downstream creative feedback to provide more value and automation to your creative assets as they move to market.

To learn more about the event, visit the Insight Exchange Network website.
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