Boohoo Makes a Big Push into AI-Based Visual Search

By Globaledit

Boohoo Makes a Big Push into AI-Based Visual Search, globaledit®By David Iscove, Manager of Solution Architecture and Implementation at globaledit
The fast-fashion brand first jumped into AI-driven image recognition to make alternative recommendations to customers who were searching for items which were out of stock. has since gone through seven months of refinement and have advanced their search technology to allow consumers the ability to upload a picture themselves which identifies similar items in Boohoo’s catalog.
The backend of this consumer-facing AI tool depends on deep metadata tagging of each product within their inventory to “match” the images uploaded by consumers.

As we can see in this and other B2C models, metadata, now more than ever, is playing an invaluable role in the consumer experience. Product information which is associated with eComm photography makes assets smart and identifiable, fueling innovations like AI-driven visual search, image recognition, machine learning, and online recommendations, such as market trends like “shop the look”.
The unfortunate truth is that brands are overlooking opportunities to add this valuable metadata during the production process. This is because the process of capturing this data-gold has traditionally been extremely manual and time consuming. However, with the right tools and technology, metadata enrichment can be automated, seamlessly transferring metadata from capture software to work-in-progress creative tools to asset management platforms, and ultimately into your consumer-facing ecommerce platform.
Innovative creative professionals are using globaledit in their photography production process to manage the ingest and enrichment of metadata from capture software platforms like Capture One and Lightroom. Globaledit’s automated enrichment process streamlines productivity, providing creatives the ability to scale to meet the increasing demand for content which is optimized for today’s consumption models.

, Boohoo Makes a Big Push into AI-Based Visual Search, globaledit®When it comes to creating efficiencies in the creative production process, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
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