The Role of Metadata in the Retail Trend of Rental Fashion

A recent CNBC article uncovers why brands such as Macy’s, Banana Republic, and Bloomingdale’s are all exploring the high-end fashion rental world. The article states that many retail brands are experimenting with new recurring revenue-generating models as the shopping habits of millennials are shifting towards a more sustainable rental economy for high-end pieces.


Globaledit App Updates

Feature updates:

Update 1:  To help users who are usually using one tool often (such as the metadata editor or markup editor) we’ve added the ability to remember the last tool you used. Thus, when you log in to Globaledit, the tool used previously will be preloaded. (more…)

The Myth of the Magic Bullet

The Argument for Systems Integration over Inclusivity [Part I of III]

Follow us in part one of a three series discussion as we highlight the ripe opportunity for organizations to rally the people, processes, and technologies that go into producing today’s content. Today the creative content pipeline has more focus than ever.  Modern-day consumers demand engaging, relevant content in order to begin to consider a brand. Companies must aim to display their goods or services with a multi-channel approach to win over consumers.


Create Efficiency with a Creative Asset Management Platform

A Creative Asset Management platform (CAM) accelerates and enhances visual assets that will be leveraged downstream in marketing efforts. The markup and review functionality allows for markups and comments to be made on the individual images for the retouchers. Approved assets can then be sent to the retoucher securely with specific asset rights, controlling the ability to download the content and how long it is available.  (more…)

Top Reasons to Consider Digital Asset Management and CAM

Meet Today’s Creative Content Challenge

The demand for visual content across all industries is putting a spotlight on creative teams to bear the brunt of supply and demand. Creative content production is increasing as CMOs realize the importance of investing in strategies such as omnichannel and multichannel marketing, visual commerce/shoppable social, and AI customer experience. (more…)

Fabletics: Speed is the Key


A Key Metric In Today’s Photo Production

‘Time-to-site’ is becoming an increasingly throttled target within eComm photo and video production. Brands need content to be produced and published faster and faster, without compromise of quality in order to stay ahead of the buying patterns of a fickle consumer base.

In a recent Glossy article, Fabletics Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg emphasized, “Speed is key to the next phase of growth as Fabletics looks to minimize its production window from a nine- to 12-week cycle down to a six- to eight-week cycle by early next year. A lot relies on newness, since customers come back each month and decide if they want to buy something or not.”



How Homeless World Cup Benefits from globaledit

Homeless World Cup organizes tournaments for the homeless all around the world. The nonprofit has over 450 locations, reaching 100,000 homeless people every year. Each year, their network of street football partners picks more than 500 players to compete in the annual Homeless World Cup tournament.  In addition to inspiring marginalized people around the world, the Homeless World Cup aims to challenge public’s perceptions of homelessness.


Can Creative Production Keep Up With The Demand For Content?


A proliferation of research and articles show that the demand for creative content has significantly increased over the years. As a result, traditional approaches to creative content production have shifted. Previously, companies allocated hefty sums of money to taking a few high-quality shots for a single consumer touch point. Now modern-day consumption models call for a vast amount of content production across various digital platforms.   

An article in Glossy “How fashion creative is keeping space with production” highlights the demand vs. capacity issue present in the creative production process. It makes evident that brands now face the struggle of depending on a single photoshoot to generate all of the content to cover multiple digital platforms.


globaledit attends Henry Stewart DAM NY and Creative Operations 2018


HS DAM NY - globaleditHey creative community! What will you be doing on May 3rd – 4th? Globaledit will be attending the Henry Stewart DAM event in NYC: the world’s largest conference dedicated to Digital Asset Management and Creative Operations.

We think you should join us and here is why…

DAM NY 2018 will feature 100+ speakers and 60+ sessions covering topics like Metadata, Integration, AI, Automation, Creative Operations, Corporate Archives, Video Workflow, Rights Management, Semantics, Governance. (more…)