The Best Tools for Video Asset Management

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When you’re dealing with hefty amounts of video content, you need to find ways of storing and safeguarding your content. Videos are large files of different sizes and their proper management can’t be emphasized enough. The last thing you’ll need is to lose hours of valuable video content and the production time that went into creating them. 

But more than that, you need tools that allow you to create better video content with increased efficiency. The answer lies in video asset management tools. 

Why is video Asset Management software so important?

Video has emerged as one of the most engaging forms of digital content, trumping still images as the visual media type that has become a must for relevant brand communication journeys. From YouTube Shorts to Facebook Stories to Netflix’s Fast Laughs, short accessible video content has become a staple of consumers’ lives. But more than being accessible, it has also changed how people interact with digital marketing

If a brand isn’t embracing this new arena of digital brand storytelling, they’re missing out on the full potential of their customer journey and marketing strategy. 

But video creation workflows and video asset management both require specialized tools and approaches if you don’t want to waste hours of production time on redundant tasks. Video asset management helps you address both of these, helping you create more efficiently and manage more effectively all through one centralized platform. 

How does Video Asset Management software work?

While video asset management (VAM) tools can be easily defined as software that helps you create, manage, and store video assets, the truth is that VAM tools can do so much more.

Video asset management software centralizes your video production workflows, helps your teams tap into creative and collaborative possibilities, and streamlines workflows. It changes your whole approach to video content production. 

VAM software also increases the lifecycle of video assets by making them more searchable through metadata so they can be repurposed at later stages and not serve as once-off assets. The effect of this is increased ROI on each video asset as well as saved production costs. 

The advantages of using Video Asset Management systems

VAM systems are accompanied by a variety of advantages that will not only increase your team’s productivity but will also increase profitability. Here are 3 notable advantages you’ll need to know. 

Uninterrupted workflows

Teams will no longer have to waste time rummaging through piles of video assets. VAM will place content in one place where it will be visible and easily accessible. 

Because it’s on a platform that anyone with access can use, it’s a time saver. You won’t have to call around asking relevant departments to bring you videos that you might need asap. 

Improved collaboration

VAM streamlines stakeholder collaboration on video assets in real-time. More people are transitioning to a remote work culture, so VAM will facilitate collaboration without negatively impacting productivity. 

Stakeholders can watch videos, track the creative journey, leave notes, and make decisions in real-time. No need for tried-and-tested time wasting practices such as waiting for approval. 

How globaledit’s Video Asset Management capabilities can assist your creative business

globaledit’s software is designed to integrate with all the most popular video editing programs, so updating your videos is easier than ever. Here are 3 reasons globaledit is the best solution for your creative business. 

Pre and post production tool integrations 

globaledit offers integrations with all of your preferred creative tools. With this benefit video editors may seamlessly move video assets to and from other applications by simply selecting their preferred integrations. 

Centralized platform

Store an unlimited amount of video assets in any version. This all-in-one solution makes accessing your assets easier with searchable metadata tags based on names, location, department, and time. 

Smooth collaboration

Provide feedback, leave comments, and make approvals on your globaledit folder. No need for your assets to move around from person to person. Anyone who has access can do so from our platform while guaranteeing the security of your assets.  

Metadata searchability

Your metadata keyword tagging should go beyond the administrative and structural details to explore the descriptive  elements of your assets. From model descriptions and locations to color palettes and tonal qualities, keywords can make it easy for creatives to access suitable assets throughout the asset’s lifecycle. 

globaledit: Your cross-media content headquarters 

globaledit puts you in touch with the capabilities of the best video asset management tools on the market, helping you implement your video content strategy with optimized efficiency. With our VAM functionality, your workflow productivity will increase from the moment of implementation. 

But what makes globaledit stand apart from other VAMs is our cross-media functionality and the software’s ability to support panoramic marketing strategies all in one centralized location.

Are you ready to tap into the full potential of your video production?