The Next Wave Of Photography Studios: How Digital Asset Management Paves The Way

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Finding the right photography tools to speed up your photography studio’s production is more important than ever. The fast-paced requirements of content marketing mean that brands need photography partners that can produce high-quality assets in record time. 

To be that partner, you need digital asset management software that allows you to tap into optimizations you never even knew your workflow needed. 

The need for digital asset management in photography studios

Running a photography studio that can stay successful for over 100 years, like the Canadian A.E. Cross Studio in Lethbridge, requires a different approach for new studios than those with established and returning clientele. 

Technological advancements and market evolution have both made it imperative for photo studios to adapt and change their approach to remain relevant. And it’s that ability to adapt to what the market needs that ensures longevity and continued success for smaller studios. 

The only way to stay organized and efficient during these evolutions is to implement a digital asset management (DAM) system that allows you to create a centralized foundation for your photography studio’s workflows and photography management. 

The importance of digital asset management for photography studios 

The new wave of photography studios has arrived, where lightning-fast production and short turnaround times are supporting the race to consistent brand presence across multiple channels. 

It’s thanks to the workflow efficiency that digital asset management software introduces that photography studios can deliver on the fast-paced requirements of brand marketing, where authentic narratives need to be sustained with original photography. 

Through every stage of the photography workflow, DAM software helps recreate and optimize the creative cycle. 

But which DAM platform is the best for photography studios? 

How globaledit DAM Can Improve Your Photography Studio

With the world of photography workflows being revolutionized by digital asset management capabilities, newer and smaller photography studios get to access the same benefits as established studios right from the start. 

Upload assets directly from your shoot 

With globaledit Sync you get to upload photos automatically into your DAM library as they’re taken so post-production can begin the moment you get back to the studio. Alternatively, you can upload bulk collections of up to 1,000 assets in one go. 

Improve asset organization and simplify management

As your business grows you need a centralized repository that keeps large volumes of images organized and accessible at all times. With folder structures and storage possibilities that can be molded to your production landscape, keeping things in their right place is easy. 

Speed up internal and external approval

Increase internal feedback times with automated notifications that go out to managers and senior team members. At the same time, speed up the approval process by automating third-party notifications and sharing approval galleries safely from your DAM library. 

Ensure asset security at all times 

Make sure only the right people have access to assets through permissions that limit access according to folders, functions, and durations. Increase the safety of your assets by only sharing watermarked assets with external parties. 

Maintain up-to-date version control

Keep track of the creative evolution with version control, so your team can learn from feedback cycles at every step. You also get to keep original assets safe no matter how many iterations are made of them. The best part is that globaledit keeps every iteration stored securely under one thumbnail to maintain order in your library. 

But there’s an often untapped aspect of content creation that DAM software opens up to photography studios as well: collaboration. 

Explore the collaborative possibilities of photography workflows

Collaborating with other creative talents and exploring new avenues in your own work is easier than ever in an increasingly connected digital world. With photo asset management software like globaledit, you can bring that collaborative edge into your studio’s workflow, allowing your team of photographers to reach new creative heights. 

Here’s how digital asset management software can help you collaborate in your photography studio:  

Partner up to explore new possibilities

Photography, like film, is a collaborative art form. Models, make-up artists, stylists, retouchers, art directors – all of these roles are as important to a successful photo shoot as the photographer themself. Each can bring their own character and creative flair to an image. 

Seeking out these roleplayers, whether it’s through Instagram, creative content you’ve seen on other platforms, or your industry network, is where it starts. And with a connected digital market, making first contact is easier than ever. With DAM software, giving possible collaborators an inside look at your work is also easier than ever through safe collection sharing

Collaborate effectively in real-time 

Access control helps you make comments and markups visible to every person who worked on a project. This way stakeholders like models and retouchers can stay on the same page throughout collaborative projects, offering valuable insight at every stage of the workflow instead of being cut off from the journey once the shutter drops. 

Centralize approval and brand journeys 

One of the most important parts of photography collaboration is creating an asset that stays true to a brand vision. Achieving this often requires the collaboration of an art director and brand marketer who has access to works-in-progress to ensure brand consistency at every stage. The centralized nature of DAM work-in-progress helps make brands part of the journey to speed up approval and create the best content from the start. 

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