Approaching Globaledit Product Design in 2024

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As the Globaledit product team releases dynamic new platform features and refinements to drive creative enablement in 2024, Senior Product Designer Nastassia Zharnouskaya shares her approach to delivering a user experience that is as intuitive as it is innovative.

from Minsk to Manhattan

My journey in UX/UI and Product Design began in 2016 after I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design. I immediately found my experience directly transferable to applying product design principles. I started working exclusively with product companies, designing mobile applications, IPTV/OTT apps, fintech and learning platforms, and more. Now, as a Senior Product Designer at Globaledit in New York, I’ve found deep fulfillment in contributing to a meticulously aligned product. My design decisions are guided by a commitment to precision, innovation, and a user-centric approach.

Building a platform for next-gen enablement in 2024

Having worked with our product leaders to develop the 2024 Globaledit roadmap, my priority is to continue conceptualizing and designing a smooth, intuitive, and forward-thinking user experience for every feature we release.

Since joining the Globaledit team, I’ve designed several new features including assisted cropping, which makes it simple for editors to direct image framing and composition, and smart tags, an AI-based form of metadata that enables users to search for and access assets quickly and accurately. I also made UI/UX improvements to Globaledit’s download feature and worked on an internal scroll function for the image library, which was particularly impactful for our users given its central role in the platform.

Currently, one of the platform functions I’m most focused on is the markup experience. Because markup is such a core capability to the post-production workflow, I’m invested in crafting an experience that allows editors and art directors to show their feedback on our platform as clearly and intuitively as possible.

Connecting platforms and teams through intelligent product design

Globaledit connects many unique teams, tools, and platforms, so designing a product that makes those interactions intuitive is absolutely essential. My first priority at Globaledit was to develop a design system using Figma and Storybook that aligned with our internal product development processes, matching the way our engineers code and build the product itself. Similarly, good product design helps our users make the most of our product. For instance, we make it easy to spot correct faces in our AI facial recognition. We also make it simple for users to integrate Globaledit with external platforms like Slack or Shopify. Ultimately, thoughtful product design leads to better user experiences in every part of the creative ecosystem.

I’m very enthusiastic about what we are building at Globaledit and all the incredible new features and capabilities we have in store for our users this year!