7 Benefits of Video Asset Management Software

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Video marketing has become a formidable and popular force. So much so that 86% of businesses use it as a marketing tool according to explainer video vendor, Wyzowl.

If that doesn’t shock you then get this: since 2018, the amount of videos that are watched has almost doubled from 1.5 hours per day to 2.5 hours per day (Wyzolw).

It’s safe to say that video is now invaluable. But as this breakout trend continues to skyrocket, two things have become evident. The first is that amassing dozens of video assets is very easy to do. The second is that effectively managing them is difficult.

So what’s the solution?

You could continue creating folders and subfolders to manage video assets, but this isn’t a long-term solution. Especially when the quality of the videos produced requires a streamlined workflow.

The upward trajectory of video marketing demands you use effective video digital asset management software. Without one, you run the risk of creating a chain reaction. One that begins with poor video asset management, and ends with the probability of having to reproduce videos. A costly affair indeed.

If you’ve reaped the benefits of video marketing and are looking for the key to effective video asset management, you’ve come to the right place. Digital asset management software for videos is the key to improved efficiency and automated workflows.

What is video media asset management?

Video asset management (VAM) refers to the process and software related to video and multimedia file management.

A VAM system provides a centralized, reliable source to store and manage media libraries. From this centralized location, your team can organize video files to make them easier to search for – speeding up production.

Several companies provide video asset management services.

Who offers video asset management software?

VAM software is a service usually offered by companies that specialize in cloud digital asset management. Not every cloud digital asset management software company provides video asset management. For this reason, be sure to check their overall service offerings to see if VAM is included.

How much is video asset management software?

Most of the companies that offer video asset management software provide packages that are designed to suit your business or team’s needs. Each structure includes different features, like the number of team members, storage, and integrations. Each package should assist you in making your decision easier. For example, we provide Starter, Team, and Enterprise packages.

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of video production asset management software, let’s discuss how it benefits your video production team.

The benefits of video asset management software

Saves time

Miscommunication is common when it’s done across several different channels. The email may have said one thing, but the notes on the video itself say something else. When this happens valuable time is spent getting back onto the same page.

Video asset management provides a centralized place to collaborate on video assets so that communication on deliverables between team members remains clear.

Improves efficiency with integrations

Let’s face it, using several different software to produce your dynamic video content is both time-consuming and inefficient. Especially when the current system doesn’t allow for easy integration between them.

A VAM system allows you to integrate with the pre and post-creative tools you use daily. When you can choose which software you want to use, video editors will be able to effortlessly move between applications.

Store Original and Working Assets in One Place

After searching high and low through different file storage formats, have you frustratedly had to ask your team where the video you worked on a year ago is? Or even worse, the one you worked on last night?

Whether you are working with ongoing assets or searching for one that’s completed, having them in one place eases the workflow process. VAM creates searchable metadata tags based on time, name, or location, you’d have different options when searching for video assets.

This gives you total control over your video asset management and prevents duplicate files.

Makes Video Versioning Easy

Using the right VAM system will facilitate easier versioning through the integration of other creative assets. This will enable you to add markup layers, apply watermarks automatically, give feedback, and compare video assets side-by-side to make improvements.

Unlimited storage

More storage comes as a breath of fresh air doesn’t it? No more notifications of your hard drive being clogged up sound like a dream.

VAM makes that dream a reality with certain plans offering unlimited storage to store heavy video assets.

Post automatically to YouTube

A VAM system doesn’t just integrate between the creative tools you use daily but with apps as well.

If you publish your content primarily on YouTube, a digital asset management software video can be set up to auto-post to YouTube.

Timestamp markers

When you have more than one way to search for a video asset, it increases productivity. However, searching for video assets isn’t all that VAM systems are good for.

Timestamp markers allow for you and your team to collaborate or discuss an isolated section of a video making communication more effective.

Globaledit has incorporated all of the benefits above to provide you and your teams with the tool you need to produce the kind of video content that turns heads and drives engagement.

We’d love to share more insights on how our video production asset management software improves your workflow automation.