Photoshop X Global Edit

Upload retouched assets

When working on assets in the traditional workflow, retouchers have to upload / download assets constantly and toggle between tools. Context-switching between tools is time consuming, and uploading / downloading typically takes hours depending on the amount of assets you are dealing with.


Automate with globaledit

With globaledit’s Adobe Photoshop integration, retouchers can make their workflow more efficient. They can send assets between the two systems directly without wasting time uploading / downloading. Retouchers can access assets in globaledit and upload new versions and attachments to globaledit all without leaving Photoshop.



What are the benefits of integrating Photoshop with globaledit?

• Save time on upload / download
• View assets instantly as they are uploaded
• Collaborate with team with clear visibility
• Immediately receive notifications when assets need to be worked on
• Communicate with stakeholders on edits instantly