Work From Home Efficiently
Working from home has never been easier.
Globaledit allows your creative team to collaborate easily in these unprecedented times. When working from home is the new norm, we make it seamless.
Challenges with a remote workplace
  • Inability to View Work as It’s Created
    The delay of the editing and review process leads to wasted hours and slow content delivery.
  • Difficulty Collaborating Remotely
    Downloading, reviewing, and sending text selects back takes forever, not to mention retouching markups and approval.
  • Dependency on Old Technologies
    The tools that worked before are struggling to keep up with the increasing demands of remote work.
  • Taking Too Long to Find Assets
    Finding the right assets can take a long time when you have hundreds of them.
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Seamlessly manage your creative work remotely
  • Production Remote View
    Utilize globaledit Sync to automatically upload content as it is shot on set, allowing your downstream teams to get to work faster.
Work as a team
  • Feedback and Voting
    Gather weighted feedback from all members of your team from any device without the need to download content locally.
Control your creative process from home
  • Version Control
    Compare and comment on all iterations of work with our dynamic viewing, markup, and file management tools.
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