Resources for creative operations and production professionals to leverage industry best practices and improve their creative production processes.

How to Segment Hi-Res and Lo-Res Workflows [ebook]

To accelerate creative production creatives need strategies that allow them to remove the obstacles that keep them from getting to the next stage of the asset lifecycle. This ebook outlines how you can segment and leverage hi-res and lo-res workflows to get to approved assets faster. DOWNLOAD EBOOK >

Demand vs. Capacity: The Creative Challenge [ebook]

The demand for visual assets is skyrocketing. How are you handling the creative conundrum: Demand vs. Capacity? In this free ebook you will learn the three key components to solving this creative challenge. READ EBOOK >

5 Essentials for Today’s Creative Operations [Whitepaper]

Creative operations have to focus on deliverables, and the urgent flood of current projects often puts expedience ahead of long-term productivity. Learn the five essentials to efficient & effective world-class creative production. DOWNLOAD WHITEPAPER >

Retail Trends=Creative Challenges [EBOOK]

Creatives are being asked to reach content goals against accelerated and reduced production timelines. Find out how creatives are generating efficiencies in their production processDOWNLOAD EBOOK >

 Growth in Original Content Brings a Technology Focus to Unit and Gallery Photography [EBOOK]

If Media and Entertainment companies want to win the battle for viewers, they need to push out promotional content faster than their competitors. Find out how to successfully promote key art across all channelsDOWNLOAD EBOOK >