Video Workflow

Video Assets
Manage video assets by simplifying ratings, editing, and approvals. Upload videos within globaledit, leave comments, markups, and view versions of videos allowing for more efficient work-in-progress.
globaledit Makes Video Versioning Easy
Start by uploading high-res video assets to a globaledit folder as you would with your other creative assets. Then, add markup layers to give clear feedback, automatically apply watermarks, manage video versions by comparing video assets side-by-side, and make approvals.
Store Original and Working Assets in One Place
Store an unlimited amount of RAW or High-Res video assets. From first draft to final cut, globaledit makes accessing these video assets easy with searchable metadata tags based on location, time, names, and more. Once your video is ready for distribution, integrate with your favorite creative tools to make the process efficient.
Make Video Editing Efficient with Integrations
Integrate with pre and post-production creative tools that you use everyday. Globaledit offers integrations with all of your favorite creative tools. Choosing your favorite integrations allows video editors to easily move video files to and from other applications in order to make the process quick and seamless.
Save Time with globaledit's Video Workflow
Develop an optimized video workflow in order to collaborate on video assets providing clear action items and deliverables for each team member.
  • Auto Ingest
    Use globaledit SYNC to auto-ingest and cloud-render files for Stakeholders.
  • Efficient Editing
    Review feedback and instructions via markups, comments and ratings.
  • Streamline Retouching
    View markup comment layers, update statuses, versions and queue for review.
  • Seamless Transfer
    Seamlessly transfer video edits through globaledit where stakeholders will get a notification that edits are complete.
  • Quick Approval
    Stakeholders can easily view versions of the video and compare them side-by-side for approval.
  • Consistant Workflow
    Delegate tasks for your video production alongside all other creative asset deliverables.
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