Tuckernuck Customer Stories, globaledit®

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Tuckernuck Customer Stories, globaledit®
Globaledit has revolutionized and streamlines how we collaborate as a team here at Tuckernuck. Globaledit, 
and the service team plays a MAJOR part in that.
, Tuckernuck Customer Stories, globaledit®
Foster White

Lead Photographer

, Tuckernuck Customer Stories, globaledit®
Foster White

Lead Photographer

Bottlenecks slowed productivity across workflow.

Stylists were limited to making Selects same-day while on set, where if collaboration with Art or Creative directors was necessary it would slow production down.

Unretouched, High-Res assets were stored on a network drive, sent to retouchers via Dropbox where annotations/markups/comments were done over email. They used metadata to track what was sent for retouching and specifically what retoucher, SKU/product information, and retouching notes in Adobe Bridge and Lightroom, but this metadata got lost as files went to through retouching.

Downstream teams constantly asking if a retouched version of an asset was available and where they could 
find it. In short, their creative workflow was piecemeal utilizing several solutions post-shoot to accomplish the simple goal of getting through their workflow efficiently.

Streamlining the entire creative process with one platform.

Using our Sync Tool – capture to upload was accelerated and streamlined. New assets including the folder structure can be uploaded during or immediately post shoot, and retain Selects and Ratings made on set.

With globaledit’s Versions feature – Tuckernuck no longer had to struggle with multiple duplicate files and the loss of asset status history. Creative and marketing teams can easily see the status of an asset, whether it has been retouched as all the metadata applied to the original is inherited with new versions. Retouchers created their own Collections making it easy to track their workflow for sent and delivered to creative teams. 

, Tuckernuck Customer Stories, globaledit®
I would not have been able to hire an asset manager. I would not have been able to collaborate with our marketing teams as effectively. I would not have been able to get the most up to date assets to graphic designers as quickly. I would not have been able to give feedback to retouchers as effectively.

I would literally die without this platform.
Foster White
Lead Photographer, Tuckernuck
Unified and autonmous teams built for scale.

Utilizing the full suite of globaledit features, Tuckernuck transformed creation production for their business. Teams now had full visibility with centralized digital asset management at the core of their creative ecosystem.

By streamlining their process they were able to scale production by improving turnaround times by days, and fueling collaboration by empowering autonomous and unified teams.

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