June 2015 Software Update: Now Live!

  June was a busy month for the development team at globaledit. We’ve improved performance, increased security, squashed bugs, and added a few powerful functionalities to help you gain more control over your creative production. We’re excited to introduce our latest features and newest improvements!   Markup Editor now supports PDFs – You could already mark and […]

Secure Against Bash Bug

By now you’ve heard of a vulnerability in the Bash shell application within Linux/Unix systems (also known as “Shellshock” and “Bash bug”) that was made public last week. We want you to know that globaledit’s core application does not run on public-facing Linux or Unix servers, and was not impacted in any way. As a […]

Snackinar Recording: Cover Your Assets

File sharing has become a fundamental part of creative collaboration. However, allowing all of your team to access entire project files can lead to compromised security and confusion in your workflow. globaledit developed a host of security features to offer a solution with the flexibility and control that creative production demands. In this session you […]

Your Data is Secure

Security is important to us at globaledit and we have taken the discovery of the OpenSSL vulnerability known as Heartbleed very seriously.  globaledit does not utilize the affected version OpenSSL in any of our systems, therefore our customer data is NOT at risk.