Creative operations and beyond: Uniting Art, Technology and Commerce

Creative Ops Breakfast • 55:21 • Filmed February 2016

Today’s creative projects involved an array of stakeholders with different background and objectives. How do you get the creatives, techies and the business stakeholders on the same page? Scot Safon, brand consultant, media executive, and former CMO of CNN Worldwide gives you the keys to addressing the different personality types involved in today’s creative projects for greater company success.

Favorite quotes

Creative projects typically involve a very big investment of time and resources, require a full commitment from the company to it, and usually imply a very delicate development and implementation process. Understanding what the key stakeholders want and need, and how they communicate, is key to successfully driving and completing these projects.” – Scot Safon, brand consultant, and media executive

About the speaker

Scot Safon - PortraitScot Safon is a brand consultant and media executive who has served as the Chief Marketing Officer of CNN Worldwide, The Weather Channel, and TNT. He also ran the cable network HLN. He started at NY ad agencies, after getting his MBA from Cornell and his BA from the University of Virginia.


Christopher Grakal - PortraitChristopher Grakal is the former VP of Image Management & Technology Strategy at Turner Broadcasting. He has strong track record of creating a strategy and building technology-forward systems and organizations that maximize the value of content, marketing, PR, and sales assets. He’s also a thought leader on how technology is driving consumer experience, advertiser value and creative workflow potential.