Workflow Automation
Projects give company stakeholders granular control over their assets. Control who can view, edit, and share your assets with specific permissions, roles, and settings.
What are Projects?
Asset security is key for any organization. Globaledit adds an extra layer of security by giving system administrators control over all of their assets.

Set specific assignments to roles you've created for any team member, allowing them to see the whole project or only part of it. Grant and revoke access to folders, workspaces, or assets all while controlling which assets are displayed to the user. You can get even more granular and differentiate between assets within any given folder.
How do Projects help creatives?
Are you an Art Director that's looking to monitor the status of your projects based on each team member? Are you a Creative Director that can't seem to streamline workflow for your team? Projects helps you achieve that and more.

Projects let you manage role and assignment individually. You can easily check on the status as a whole in one clean view.

Globaledit also offers users a Projects dashboard. The new feature gives users a holistic way of viewing projects for administration at scale. You can have many projects running simultaneously and easily update yourself on the status.
How can you manage creative projects with Projects?
Projects allow you to hide, view, and modify all the components of a project. For example, if you want a retoucher to see only assets from a specific folder that have been approved by a stakeholder, you can set project parameters that would exclude all unapproved assets.

By being able to manage roles and assignments granularly, you can ensure efficient work and quicker production time.
Share Projects with Anyone Using Magic Links
Create a project that anyone from an outside organization can be added to. Easy admin with access to view, edit, or delete public projects directly from the Projects dashboard. Magic links mean easy access with no registration required!
Projects improve workflow in each step of your creative process
Projects are meant to help teams throughout the entirety of their creative workflow.

Once a creative brief is made, a project assignment can be sent to the team member who needs to take the next action item. Then, as your team is working, you can create more projects for each specific role, give and revoke permissions, see each step of the progress and have a clear path to distribution.
  • Step One
    Create a Project Assignment and a creative brief at the same time to keep track of your workflow.
  • Step Two
    Assign roles and permissions for each specific project all while keeping track of progress in one place.
  • Step Three
    Edit and receive content as it's being worked on without having to wait for access and updates that delay distribution.
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