Video Workflows, Adobe Plugin, Simple Sharing and More
released September 16, 2021
New Features
  • Video

    Users can now manage video assets simplifying ratings, editing, versions and approval. Upload videos within globaledit, leave comments, markups, and view iterations of videos allowing for more efficient work-in-progress.

  • Adobe Photoshop

    Users can streamline communication with peers, manage tasks by project priority, access markups, comments and other notes, update status, focus on creativity, receive notifications when you have new work to complete and manage version in real time without switching between tools. Users can also be able to save versions from Creative Cloud to globaledit and load mark up layers, without leaving their workflow management tool.

  • Approval Galleries

    New Approval Gallery features include real-time visibility into ratings when viewing the source assets in the library, an approval gallery visual indicator that allows users to view approval status, increased character limits for messaging, a broader range of rating percentages, and ability to close galleries on behalf of talent.

  • Project Sharing

    New Project features include the ability to share teams outside of your organization. Sharing publicly will link automatically to globaledit and the exact location of those assets. From there, collaborators can forward and share to extend who participates. Users will also be able to view, edit, or delete public projects directly from the Projects dashboard.

  • Recursive Search

    Users have a birds eye view of all assets within a folder hierarchy, the ability to paginate the entire library structure – easily find assets from across the whole shoot through search, and return up to 100,000 assets.

New Feature Enhancements
  • Search

    “Any” vs. “All” search logic, search multi-file name lists, and modify individual search criteria.

  • Metadata

    Administrative control over ratings that are ingested or made within globaledit by other users.

  • Delete Functionality

    Workspace and folder delete: greater prevention controls over accidental workspace and folder deletes.

  • White Theme

    Customize views of globaledit with new light themes common in e-commerce layout.