SYNC 2.0, Improvements, and Bug Fixes
released June 15, 2021
SYNC 2.0
  • Automatically sync attachments of your assets
  • Auto-update files
  • View current versions of your assets via SYNC file menu
Bug Fixes
  • Sign-on

    Improved the experience for new users registering for globaledit. Previously some users bypassed the contact details portion of the account creation process. Now all users will follow the expected invite flow.

  • Assets Order

    Corrected a bug that occasionally caused the order of assets within a contact sheet to be presented out of the specified order.

  • Assets in Folder

    Corrected a bug to show the correct number of assets within a folder at all times.

  • Performance

    Increased performance for library navigation and overall application load times.

  • Cache

    Refined cache refresh that boosts user experience.

  • Admin Portal

    Updated admin portal that allows users to manage all linked accounts.

  • SYNC and Metadata

    Updated SYNC tool to allow for viewing and parsing of metadata.