New Workflow Automation Features
released May 13, 2021
New Features
  • gloabledit Marketplace

    Globaledit’s marketplace allows organizations to choose from hundreds of apps that natively integrate with globaledit. Choose what part of your creative process you want to automate and curate integrations accordingly. Select from pre-built integrations or customize triggers and actions.

  • Custom Integrations

    Globaledit offers developer access that allows for proprietary programs to communicate with one another as well as with globaledit. APIs will also allow developers to quickly and easily integrate with a PIM, PM, CMS, DAM, etc.

  • Workflow Automation Recipes

    Globaledit’s workflow automation recipes allow users to create workflows based on their own business logic. Each step of production your creative team takes can be mapped out based on pre-written automations that will make your workflow more efficient. Our workflow automation recipes automate bottlenecks within your production processes and demonstrate how your entire technology stack can communicate with each other.

  • Plan Updates and Administration

    Users will now be able to view and manage their plan and included feature sets information directly within the application. You can view billing, change your plan, or add features you need seamlessly.

New Feature Enhancements
  • SYNC 2.0

    The new iteration of globaledit’s SYNC tool will now allow users to automatically sync new versions of an asset, upload attachments, and setup the application to self update with new versions.

  • Metadata

    This updated feature set will allow users to search for assets via metadata with expandable search terms, faster results, and asset recommendations.

  • Projects

    The new projects dashboard feature gives users a holistic way of viewing projects for administration at scale. You can have many projects running simultaneously and easily update yourself on the status.

UX Improvements
  • Approval Gallery Admin Filter

    In select assist, Approval Gallery Admins can now filter to view assets that have not been killed, or have not been approved.

  • Approval Gallery Talent Filter

    In the gallery, Talent users can now apply a filter the gallery to view assets they’ve approved, or not approved (or killed/not killed).

  • Grid View Preview Size Adjuster

    Library and collection users can now adjust the size of previews in grid view to 50%, 100%, 150%, and 200% for easier scrolling.

  • Copy Asset Information

    Users can now copy information about assets to a clipboard or a CSV. Information available includes filenames, extensions, labels, ratings, and who added each label/rating.

  • Drag and Drop to Upload

    Users are now able to drag photos from their desktop into a folder in globaledit and immediately begin the upload process.

Bug Fixes
  • Grid view preview file size adjustments
  • Easier view of long file/folder names
  • File name list pull
  • Renamer tool in upload module
  • Sort order save
  • Uploading assets
  • 1000+ other bug fixes to improve efficiency and performance