Globaledit Launches New Features
released December 01, 2020
What's New?
  • Project Assignments

    Globaledit adds an extra layer of control over all of your assets and team member workflows. Project Assignments let you manage your workflow and content access together. This is project management for creatives, simplified.

    Create project assignments for any team, allowing access to your entire library or a specific project within. This means your Digital Tech, Art Director, Retoucher and Marketing team all work together, have access to the right content and can keep one another updated on their status. Just mark your assignment complete when you’re done.

    ​It’s that simple!

  • Pinpoints

    Whether it’s a specific asset or entire collection, you can share a unique link to specific content you want your team members to see. Pinpoints seamlessly direct remote teammates’ attention exactly where you need it within globaledit.

    Send a Pinpoint directly through globaledit’s sharing functionality. Recipients will get a notification via email that directs them to the asset or collection.

  • @mentions

    Learn to colloborate with your team directly from globaledit. You can generate a message for an asset, an entire shoot, or a collection and send to as many team members as you like.

    If you choose, even send messages to your favorite tools like Slack directly from globaledit.

  • File Types

    You heard that right! We’re going to be accepting more file types!

    As a matter of fact, we’re going to be adding more file types constantly so let us know what you would like to be be able to upload.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    Your assets were already secure, but we’re going the extra mile and adding another layer of security, because we know just how important this is to your business.

    When you choose to let us remember your profile, we’ll make it simple to log in again.