Enhancements For Your Creative Workflow
released February 02, 2021
New Enhancements Include
  • Social Log-in

    Users will now be able to log in with their email address directly through gmail. No more password necessary.

  • Downloading Without Folder Structure

    Choose to download your images with or without a folder structure.

  • Export Approval Gallery Ratings as a CSV

    Directly export a list of which talent users approved/killed which assets.

  • Bulk Template Re-namer

    You will have the ability to rename files easier in bulk, making it easier than ever to keep track of assets. The UI is more intuitive and gives users the ability to save templates to use later.

  • Login Page Error Customization

    globaledit has created a way to communicate via the login page when critical infrastructure is affected. You’ll be able to see realtime updates.

  • Default to Most Common Metadata Schema

    When accessing the metadata viewer, the user will first see IPTC Core.

  • Additional Preview Types

    Globaledit now supports GIF and HEIC previews.

  • Improved Toasters

    When the user receives a confirmation message such as “Collection created” we will include a link to go to the collection.