Globaledit 3.0 Bug Fixes
released October 04, 2021
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bug where some collections would show asset count of Library deleted assets.
  • Fixed text where download manager would say “jpeg preview“ for video assets.
  • Fixed bug where empty chips would be displayed in the metadata panel (visual bug).
  • Fixed bug where holding down the frame rewind / advance did not seek. Now the keyboard shortcuts will seek multiple frames per second.
  • Improved performance of left and right keyboard arrows, in grid view.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes links in notification center for asset attachments would lead to page not found.
  • Improved performance of the user list in the admin panel, for organizations with large amounts of users.
  • Fixed bug where resolution and dimension was not displaying in the asset info panel.
  • Fixed bug where versions would not expand in the filmstrip.
  • Fixed issue with video playback speed selector.
  • Fixed issue with metadata search on list fields, where search would not always return results.
  • Fixed bug where accidental deletes of markups occurred when hitting backspace/delete while editing characters in markup title.
  • Fixed issue where the filmstrip would jump unexpectedly when clicking on assets with versions.
  • 100+ additional bug fixes.