Globaledit 1.4 Release
released August 09, 2020
What's Improved?
  • Approval Galleries

    Approval Galleries have been rebuilt to better service Media and Entertainment (M+E) clients. As before, talent and agents can “Approve” or “Kill” assets for studio obligations, but new data analytics allow studio officials to monitor and manage all Approval Galleries from a single table.

  • Contact Sheets

    Globaledit’s patented contact sheets now come with expanded functionality. In this release, you can expect contact sheets to function as a PDF of your folder, collection, or search results. Users like Producers, Marketers, Retail Display Managers and more can generate PDFs in user-defined formats without external tools.

  • Collections

    Collections allow you to assemble assets from multiple sources and present them to users with custom permissions. Users can now apply tags to collections and place them into groups for easier searching and administration. Additionally, users can now declutter their workspaces by marking collections as “active,” “expired,” or “archived.”

  • globaledit Sync

    Globaledit’s unique sync functionality allows users to upload all of their assets in real time by mirroring their file extension imports. Users can track their sync activity, schedule auto-syncs and ensure their assets safely with global cloud governance.

New Enhancements
  • Watermarks

    Our newest release provides tools to configure watermarks with text and images. You can now vary your watermarks’ size, opacity, location, and frequency. You also have the option to make watermarks dynamic depending on user and viewing location (e.g. in a workspace folder vs. in a collection). All these options allow you to keep your assets secure.

  • Metadata Import / Export

    Globaledit has now made it incredibly easy for users to update and export metadata in and out of the application in bulk. Our exifTool-friendly format deals well with small variations in CSV/XMP files to ensure your metadata is searchable on any third party software in your creative stack.

How Will This Help Your Organization:
  • Optimized Workflow

    Globaledit strives to create new features to help your workflow. In order to cut production time and have a quicker to-market strategy, we’ve created tools that allow users to work seamlessly together, even when working remotely. Globaledit is currently utilized by the world’s top-tier companies in media, entertainment, retail, eCommerce and many others in order to have one source of truth for all of their creative assets.

  • Team Collaboration

    Globaledit streamlines how teams can remotely collaborate with the following baked-in tools: ratings, comments, permissions, markups, versions, search, and many more. Our platform lives on the backbone of a secure cloud to ensure that your assets are always safe and secure.

  • Features Working Together

    All of the new features and enhancements released today work in tandem to create the ideal environment for a creative team to thrive. Rather than toggling between multiple softwares, everything a creative team needs to be productive can be found within a single platform.